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Wow! Look at this broken down old bridge, Nick!

Dusky Bridge is an old, 20-yard-long suspension bridge that crosses two steep cliffs on either side of the Eagle River. It is about 12 minutes' running distance away from Hazakura Temple, where temple nuns Bikini and Iris reside, and provides the only reasonable means of traveling to the Inner Temple. It is also about 30 minutes away by car from the base of Eagle Mountain. The bridge was the scene of at least two crimes and had a large impact on a third.


Eagle River Map

A map of Dusky Bridge at the time of Valerie Hawthorne's murder.

Dusky Bridge is 40 feet above the river on the Inner Temple side, and the river itself is 18 feet deep. On top of this, the bridge is very fragile, making it both very dangerous to cross and potentially deadly if one fell from it. It has broken apart at least once, and was also once struck with lightning and burned down. The ten-foot incline from the main temple side to the Inner Temple side does not help matters. In addition to this, there is a large region of bedrock next to the river, right below the bridge. Falling here would almost definitely be fatal. Very few people survive falling off Dusky Bridge. However, the supporting wires, which are five feet off the ground, make it difficult to push someone off.

History of betrayal[]

Dusky Bridge was the site of several instances in which one party betrayed another. These incidents led to a chain of murder attempts both successful and unsuccessful, not just in the Eagle Mountain vicinity, but also in nearby Los Angeles.

Hawthorne kidnapping plot[]

In 2008, Valerie and Dahlia Hawthorne hatched a plot to steal a $2 million diamond from their father. The plan was to have Dahlia's boyfriend, Terry Fawles, "kidnap" her and then have Valerie, who was a detective at the time, chase them to Dusky Bridge. However, the sisters betrayed Fawles; Valerie shot him in the shoulder and Dahlia jumped into Eagle River with the diamond, which was subsequently lost. Valerie later testified against Fawles in court, leading to his conviction for the apparent murder of Dahlia.

Murder of Valerie Hawthorne[]

Main article: Turnabout Beginnings

Five years later, a transport carrying Fawles to another prison broke down, and he broke out. Stealing a car, he phoned Valerie to meet at Dusky Bridge and to wear a white scarf for identification. Valerie complied, but not before informing Dahlia of her intentions. However, Dusky Bridge would see another betrayal, as Dahlia met Valerie instead and killed her by stabbing her in the back. Dahlia then hid the body in the stolen car's trunk and met Fawles at the bridge, posing as Valerie. Fawles was later arrested and put on trial for Valerie's murder.

During Fawles's trial, his defense attorney, Mia Fey, pointed out that a map showed that the bridge had broken down on one end, so the victim could not have run that way to escape from her killer. However, Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth asserted that the map was dated and that the bridge had been fixed. The fact that the bridge also crossed a region of bedrock also played in Fey's favor, as during discussion on the kidnapping plot, Fey pointed out that Dahlia could not have been pushed into the river. Nevertheless, Fawles committed suicide before Fey could fully get him acquitted.

However, Dahlia could not fully secure her victory, as she was later confronted by Diego Armando, a senior lawyer who had acted as Fey's co-counsel during the trial. She poisoned his coffee and escaped but, facing a potential search after the incident was discovered, gave the bottle that had contained the poison to a university student named Phoenix Wright, claiming that it was a present. This, in turn, created another problem, as Wright was convinced that he and Dahlia were a couple, and refused to give the bottle back, oblivious to its true purpose. This eventually led Dahlia to attempt to kill Wright, only to kill Doug Swallow, an ex-boyfriend of hers, instead. Wright was arrested for the murder, but Fey took his case and, in the resulting trial, finally accomplished what she could not with Fawles: hold Dahlia responsible for her crimes and save her client. Armando, meanwhile, remained in a coma for five years, after which he awoke to find that Fey had been killed and Wright had taken over her law agency. He took the name Godot and became a prosecutor to challenge Wright.

Murder of Elise Deauxnim[]

Main article: Bridge to the Turnabout
Burning bridges

Dusky Bridge with a diminishing fire.

Bridge out

The bridge the day after the fire.

Dusky Bridge on Fire

Dusky Bridge at the height of burning down.

A few months after Godot had woken up, Dahlia's mother, Morgan Fey, set a plot into motion to kill Mia Fey's sister Maya at Hazakura Temple. She instructed her youngest daughter Pearl to channel the recently executed Dahlia during a visit to the temple with Maya and Wright, but left out the fact that her vengeful spirit sought to kill Maya as revenge against Mia. Godot secretly listened in on Morgan's conversation with Pearl, learned of the plans, and plotted with Iris and Misty Fey, the long-lost mother of Mia and Maya, to disrupt the plan. Misty visited Hazakura Temple under the guise of "Elise Deauxnim" to watch over Maya and attempt to prevent Pearl from channeling Dahlia. However, when Maya headed to the Inner Temple that night for spirit medium training, Pearl followed to make sure that she would be safe.

Fearing the worst, Misty channeled Dahlia to prevent Pearl from doing so. Dahlia confronted Maya to kill her, but Godot, who had been hiding nearby, stabbed the would-be assailant, in turn killing Misty. Meanwhile, lightning struck Dusky Bridge, setting it on fire. Having few options, Godot swung the body across Eagle River using one of the bridge's ropes for Iris to receive on the other side. Thus, Godot, Pearl, and Maya were trapped in the vicinity of the Inner Temple. From Heavenly Hall, Larry Butz saw the body being swung and believed it was Iris flying. He drew what he saw in a picture that would later prove to be very difficult to interpret.

Bikini and Wright soon discovered Misty's body in the temple courtyard, where Iris had left it. Worried about Maya, Wright rushed to Dusky Bridge and met Butz there. Ignoring the fact that the bridge was burning, Wright tried to cross, but it almost immediately broke and he fell into the river below. Iris was put on trial for Misty's murder, with Wright (who miraculously survived his ordeal) as her attorney, although Miles Edgeworth filled in for him on the first day of trial proceedings while Wright recovered from his fall. Dahlia was brought as a witness, where she claimed that Maya had killed Misty and then thrown herself into Eagle River in guilt, but the bedrock contradicted her claims just as it had years prior. As Wright and Godot narrowed down the possible locations to which Maya may have gone, Wright concluded that Maya was the one channeling Dahlia right in front of them. Having so thoroughly failed in her plan for revenge, Dahlia dramatically left Maya's body in a rage. Afterward, Wright figured out Godot's role in the whole plot, and the case was solved.



  • Japanese - Onoboro Bashi (Onoboru ~ joke) (おんぼろ橋 (おぼる))
  • English - Dusky Bridge (Dusty ~ joke)
  • French - Pont du Néant (Neon ~ joke)
  • Brazilian Portuguese - Ponte Nobre (Pobre ~ joke): [1]
    • Adaptation of the original puns.
    • It takes the name "Nobre" (Noble), even though it is in precarious conditions, so it receives the nickname "Pobre" (Poor).
      • Some characters, like Gumshoe and Maya, have already confused the name "Nobre" with "Pobre", because the bridge is in precarious conditions, and the sign was difficult to read.