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Eagle Mountain
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Owned by Fey clan
Entrance Dusky Bridge
Enter from Detention center
Relevant cases Turnabout Beginnings
Bridge to the Turnabout

Eagle Mountain is a mountain that is about two hours away from Los Angeles by car. No trains run through the mountain.[1] Its main inhabitants are branch families of the Fey clan who are tasked to defend the main family line from other branch families looking to usurp the main family; Bikini is currently the only such member of this group living in the area. Hazakura Temple is the main residence of Eagle Mountain, housing both inhabitants and visitors. The inhabitants provide various courses for spirit medium training, and this has made it a popular training resort for spirit mediums. The entire area is under the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles police force. Sightseers and hikers also visit the mountain but generally stick to the main road leading to Dusky Bridge. At the base of the mountain, these tourists can find at least one food joint before they start climbing, one of which Dick Gumshoe recommended to Phoenix Wright as having "really good pasta".

Dusky Bridge is central to the area due to its use by overnight visitors and sightseers alike. It crosses the Eagle River into an isolated area containing the Inner Temple, which contains some of the spiritual training courses that Hazakura offers. This suspension bridge is notable for being the scene of at least two murders, though one would turn out to have been faked. As well, after a third murder in the Inner Temple garden, the bridge burned down and the victim's body was swung across the river with one of the suspension cords. This incident was notable for causing much contention and confusion during a trial for the murder, in which an eyewitness claimed that the body had flown across the river.

Near the bridge is Heavenly Hall, a run-down shack that is generally unused.


  • Japanese - Godou yama (吾童山):
    • "Godou" can be read as "Godot", and it's implied that Diego Armando took that name because of a name of the river/mountain, although Godot spells his name using katakana.[2]
  • English - Eagle Mountain
  • French - Mont de l'Aigle



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