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Hazakura area

Map of Eagle Mountain, including Eagle River.

Eagle River is a river running below Eagle Mountain's Dusky Bridge. The river is very fast-flowing with a strong current. It has been said that those who fall into the river are never found again, although there are two known exceptions.

Staged disappearance[]

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In 2008, sisters Dahlia and Valerie Hawthorne conspired with Dahlia's boyfriend Terry Fawles to stage a kidnapping in a ploy to steal a diamond valued at $2 million from the Hawthornes' father. Fawles would act as the kidnapper, Dahlia his supposed hostage, and Valerie would make the exchange. The staged exchange for the diamond occurred on Dusky Bridge. Having conspired with Dahlia to betray Fawles, Valerie shot him, and Dahlia then jumped into the river with the diamond in a backpack. Dahlia secretly survived the fall, but Fawles was sentenced to life in prison for her kidnapping and murder.

Wright takes a fall[]

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In 2019, Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey were staying at nearby Hazakura Temple. At night, Wright discovered the corpse of Elise Deauxnim and rushed to a public phone near Dusky Bridge to call the police, only to find the bridge ablaze. As Fey had been training in the Inner Temple on the other side of the bridge, Wright thought that she was trapped with Deauxnim's murderer. He raced across the bridge, only for it to give out underneath him, sending him plummeting into the river below.

As with Dahlia 12 years prior, Wright survived the fall, with the only consequence being two days of hospitalization and a cold.


  • Japanese - Godou-gawa (吾童川):
    • "Godou" can be read as "Godot", and it's implied that Diego Armando took that name because of a name of the river/mountain, although Godot spells his name using katakana.[1]
  • English - Eagle River
  • French - Rivière de l'Aigle