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Gregory Edgeworth


Miles Edgeworth

The Edgeworths are a family of whom two members are known: the late veteran defense attorney Gregory Edgeworth and his prosecutor son Miles Edgeworth.


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Gregory Edgeworth was a famous defense attorney during his time, being noted by Marvin Grossberg to have no equal until Mia Fey's time. Miles idolized his father and dreamed of becoming a defense attorney just like him one day. In one of his trials, Gregory Edgeworth exposed faulty evidence used by Manfred von Karma, the prosecutor for that case. Edgeworth's accusation forced von Karma to settle with the lesser charge of accomplice to murder, and he was given the first penalty on his perfect record. As the Edgeworths were leaving the District Court, there was a power outage, and they became trapped in an elevator with a court bailiff named Yanni Yogi.

After about five hours, the oxygen became dangerously thin. Yogi began to panic and attacked Gregory. A gun that the court bailiff was carrying came loose from Yogi's holster, and fell in front of the young Miles. In a desperate attempt to break the two apart, Miles threw the gun at the pair, only for it to go off and fire through the elevator door. Manfred von Karma was right outside at that moment, with the bullet hitting him and lodging itself in his right shoulder. At that moment, the power was restored and the elevator opened. Von Karma, in pain and full of rage, entered the elevator with an unconscious Gregory Edgeworth and a gun. Seeing the opportunity, he shot the defense attorney who had, in his opinion, blemished his record and left, with the bullet that had hit him still in his shoulder.

Not content with murdering Gregory, von Karma took the orphaned Miles Edgeworth under his wing and twisted him into his own ruthless style of prosecutor, even though he had been set on course to become a defense attorney, like his father. The incident in the elevator left the young man with a deathly fear of elevators and earthquakes. Von Karma left to go on a long vacation shortly after Gregory's murder, the only one he'd ever had. This vacation was really a cover for the prosecutor to recover from his wound, although he did not remove the bullet in his shoulder, because leaving a surgeon as a witness would be risky, and removing the bullet himself equally so, if not more.

Meanwhile, Gregory's murder, referred to in police files as the DL-6 Incident, was left unsolved for 15 years until it was brought up by von Karma himself after Miles' acquittal of the murder of Robert Hammond. Miles was tried once more, but this time for the murder of his father. Phoenix Wright was able to prove the bullet that had killed Gregory was fired by the same gun as the one in von Karma's shoulder, proving him to be the killer. Von Karma was then arrested on the spot, losing the case and his 40 year win streak as a prosecutor. Von Karma died shortly afterward.

After Gregory's murder, his assistant Raymond Shields took over and managed Edgeworth Law Offices, continuing his defense work in Gregory's name. Though Gregory had said during their investigation of his last case that Ray could be an older brother figure to Miles, during the years between his murder and the next time the two met, Shields had grown to resent Miles' career path and how von Karma had influenced him. Through several investigations in which they worked together, Shields grew to respect the younger Edgeworth and offered him a place as a defense attorney at his father's office. Over a week after his initial offer, after a series of situations that made him reconsider his relationship to the law, Miles declined, having found new resolve in his role as a prosecutor.

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