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Ellen Wyatt
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Ellen Wyatt
I can't believe Sorin chose me, a simple house servant. He's my knight in shining armor, my prince... *sigh* Oh, my Sorin...

Ellen Sprocket (née Wyatt) is the newly-wed wife of Sorin Sprocket, the heir to Sprocket Aviation. She was the defendant in a murder that was committed during her wedding reception.

A time-traveling bride[]

Main article: Turnabout Time Traveler

Waking up in her room after seemingly traveling back in time.

Wyatt was one of the maids who worked for the Sprocket family, and at one point fell in love with Sorin, who likewise reciprocated her affections. Despite the disapproval from the rest of the Sprocket family, Wyatt and Sorin planned to be wed. Unknown to her, fellow servants Pierce Nichody and Dumas Gloomsbury sought to sabotage the event to take revenge against Sorin. As a part of the event, Sorin gave Wyatt a gear-shaped pendant which was needed to activate the "Time Keeper", a memento he made for their wedding, and told Wyatt that the machine would "bring her back to her happiest moment".

Following the wedding reception, Wyatt and Sorin were alone in the reception hall until Gloomsbury attacked Sorin, injuring him with a broken candelabra, and dragged Wyatt to the vista deck so he could murder her by pushing her over the edge. Recalling what Sorin had told her, Wyatt took his statement literally and fervently wished to be taken back to the moment before the reception, believing that the Time Keeper was literally capable of time travel. On the verge of fainting, Wyatt witnessed a third figure appear behind Gloomsbury and attack him before she passed out.

By the time Wyatt awoke, a second wedding reception had been planned and held by Nichody to give the illusion that nothing had happened; the other guests were likewise instructed to pretend that nothing was amiss. To Wyatt, it appeared as though she had really traveled back in time.

After this second wedding reception ended, Wyatt assisted with clean-up efforts, only to discover Gloomsbury's corpse stashed away in one of the Pegabull lanterns. Witnesses who arrived on the scene found her looking over Gloomsbury with the Time Keeper in her hands. Wyatt was quickly charged with Gloomsbury's murder; although she protested that Gloomsbury had attacked her and she had traveled back in time, nobody believed her.

As luck would have it, Larry Butz was on the scene after attempting to gatecrash the wedding reception, having fallen in love with Wyatt. Wyatt pleaded with Butz to help her escape, which he did so by claiming that he had an armed bomb, letting both of them escape the police blockade. Butz brought Wyatt to Phoenix Wright, who eventually agreed to accept her case.

Sorin and Ellen

Holding her true wedding ceremony with Sorin after the resolution of the case.

Through the trial, Wyatt became distraught at the suggestion that Sorin had murdered Gloomsbury and attempted to take the blame in his stead, as he did likewise for her. Eventually, Wright proved Nichody's hand in murdering Gloomsbury, thus absolving Wyatt and Sorin of all charges. In front of the court, Wyatt and Sorin exchanged their matrimonial vows as she was declared innocent.

One week later, Wyatt invited Butz, Wright and the rest of their friends to a third wedding reception. When she threw the bouquet, Maya Fey, Ema Skye and Athena Cykes tried to catch it, but it fell in Butz's hands. This made the girls angrily chase after him, while Sorin said he was blessed to have Wyatt.


Ellen Wyatt
Ellen Mugshot


While she initially seems calm and serene when introducing herself, in truth Wyatt is something of a nervous wreck, being very easily panicked and not dealing with stress well at all, quickly losing her composure and crying profusely at the slightest provocation. When in her "upset" mode, she regularly performs her jobs as a maid (cooking and cleaning using a frying pan and other tools she brings with her) to try and calm herself down.

Despite her nervous tendencies, Wyatt is a genuinely kind and loving woman, showing utter devotion to Sorin and their marriage. A great deal of her stress comes from her fear of disappointing Sorin on their big day and seeing Sorin suffer. Wyatt was also shown to be compassionate, bearing no ill will to Nichody even after he admitted to his grudge, suggesting that Selena Sprocket would have wanted him to move on with his life.


Wyatt never changes out of her wedding dress during the case, keeping Sorin's pendant around her neck and with teardrop-shaped sapphire earrings. The traditional white roses in her veil have been replaced by a set of rolled-up handkerchiefs, which she uses to dry her eyes and blow her nose when particularly upset. While her hair is close-cropped when calm, when she is in a panicky mood it fluffs out to its normal, far messier state. She wears a great deal of makeup and mascara to cover up her freckles, and after a particularly bad panic attack it has a tendency to run.


  • Japanese - Shizuku Ōtsubu (大津部 雫):
    • "Ōtsubu" (大津部) comes from "ōtsubu" (大粒) meaning "a large amount of something small," and "Shizuku" (雫) means "a drop." Put together, her name could reference the fact that Ellen is overly emotional and literally cries waterfalls.
  • Chinese - Dàjīngbǜ Dī (大津部 滴):
    • Her Chinese given name "" (滴) is a direct translation of her Japanese name.
  • English - Ellen Wyatt:
    • Her English name may be a play on "all in white", referring to her white wedding dress.
  • French - Claire Colombe:
    • Her French first name "Claire" means "clear", while her last name "Colombe" is the word used to designate white doves.