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Emeer Punchenbaug
It's time for Emeer's grand entrance! Did you miss me?

Emeer Punchenbaug is a boisterous Labyrinthian drunkard who was a witness in both the first witch trial of Espella Cantabella and the witch trial of Maya Fey.

Belduke's death[]

At some point, Punchenbaug signed a contract with Labrelum Inc. in order to have his memories suppressed and live a new life as a resident of Labyrinthia. In this new life, he had a major drinking habit, and was a neighbor and patient of Newton Belduke.

Three months prior to the arrival of Hershel Layton and Phoenix Wright in Labyrinthia, Punchenbaug went to Belduke's house for an appointment. Upon arriving, Jean Greyerl, Belduke's butler, asked him for help breaking down the locked door of his office. He succeeded in doing using an axe he owned, only for the pair to find Belduke slumped dead over his desk. Punchenbaug was left in charge of the room while Greyerl went to get help. Lettie Mailer later arrived and asked him for help in finding a letter Belduke had written that she was supposed to deliver. While searching the room, Punchenbaug noticed a bottle of tomato juice and drank it, only to soon find himself falling asleep on the couch. He later woke up, took an empty bottle with a skull on it in the room that he had found (thinking that the symbol was just a design), cleaned it, and began using it as a drinks container.

The last-minute witness[]

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Witnesses at the crossroads

Arriving at the crime scene with the other three witnesses.

One rainy evening, Punchenbaug witnessed the apparent deaths of Robbs and Muggs via an Ignaize spell and rushed to the crime scene. Along the way, he thought he heard a woman's voice calling out his name from behind him, causing him to turn around and trip.

Punchenbaug did not initially present himself as a witness to Inquisitor Zacharias Barnham at the Witches' Court when Espella Cantabella was put on trial for the apparent incineration of Robbs and Muggs, as he had been drinking earlier. However, when Wright, Cantabella's defender, was about to win the trial, Punchenbaug suddenly intervened, claiming that he was the fifth witness and catching the court by surprise. He rallied the witnesses and called them to testify together against Cantabella. However, when Punchenbaug testified about his name being called out during the incident, Wright revealed that it had actually been "Amere" that had been said, which was the dismissal incantation for the invisibility spell Dimere. This proved to be vital evidence in clearing Cantabella's name and proving one of the witnesses to be the real culprit.

A windfall[]

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Spotting the golden Layton arm.

Upon hearing a ruckus at Belduke's house, Punchenbaug rushed over, where it appeared that Layton had been turned into a golden statue via the spell Goldor by Maya Fey. As the group stared in shock at the scene, the Layton statue fell over and the right arm was broken off. While everyone else at the crime scene was distracted, Punchenbaug stole the golden arm and sold it to the pawnbroker Price for a large sum of money. Revelling in this windfall, Punchenbaug bought himself some new fancy clothes and jewels, and began making plans to start his own company, "Punchenbaug's Retail Organization" (PRO).

Punchenbaug would later appear as a witness for Fey's trial, with the new (self-styled) title of "Emeer Punchenbaug the First". When Wright questioned as to whether or not he knew about the missing arm, Punchenbaug tried to deny it, only for Price to interject and reveal that the drunkard had sold him the arm by claiming that it was a superb work of art. Punchenbaug tried to defend himself by saying that the arm was straight up, pointing towards the ceiling, and so was pointing towards his destiny. Surprisingly, this proved to be vital evidence that Wright was able to use to show that Fey did not use a Talea Magica.

When Greyerl was called to the witness stand, Punchenbaug testified about Belduke's death. He admitted that he drank the unopened bottle of tomato juice and took the empty bottle (and was surprised to learn that the skull on it indicated that it was meant for poison). The latter item proved to be evidence that Belduke had committed suicide by poison.


  • Japanese/English - Emīru Sandobakku (エミール・サンドバック)/Emeer Punchenbaug:
    • His Japanese surname may be a play on the English word "sandbag".
    • His English and Japanese given names may both be a play on "a mere". It also may be a play on "emir", the Turkish word for "king".
    • His English surname is a play on "punching bag", linking it somewhat with his counterpart in the Japanese version. This may be a reference to how he is something of a "verbal punching bag" for everyone else due to his incompetence and habits. His full name could thus be a play on "a mere punching bag". It can also be seen as ironic, as he is a key witness in both trials he testifies in, giving him a much larger role.
  • His given name in all language versions of Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney sounds phonetically similar to the spell incantation "Amere" for narrative purposes.
    • In French, his name "Oscar" sounds like the "Oscuris!" spell incantation.
    • In German, his name "Vidian" sounds like the "Videan!" spell incantation.
    • In Spanish, his name "Aparicio" sounds like the "Aparito!" spell incantation.
    • In Italian, his name "Erminio" sounds like the "Emineo!" spell incantation.