An emergency ladder was a piece of evidence in Phoenix Wright's investigation into the murders of Clay Terran and Metis Cykes. Kept in the robotics lab at the Cosmos Space Center, it was used by an international spy known as "the phantom" to escape from the Space Center after Terran's murder.

An unlikely escape routeEdit

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In December 2027, the phantom planned a bombing of the Space Center in order to destroy evidence that could reveal his identity. Posing as detective Bobby Fulbright, he told Aura Blackquill to lower a single emergency ladder from the window of the fourth-floor robotics lab to the underground shelter, as part of a plan to secure his escape route.

The phantom later murdered Clay Terran in boarding Lounge 1 (which Blackquill herself witnessed from outside as she climbed down the ladder) and fled into the adjacent Space Museum as planned. Director Yuri Cosmos had previously made the Space Museum (formerly Launch Pad 2) switch places with Launch Pad 1 by moving both launch pads along a circular rail around the Space Center. The phantom's plan was to escape while they were being moved back into place. Once the switch was complete, the only exit from the Space Museum would be into Boarding Lounge 2. Knowing that a security camera would spot him if he took that exit, the phantom had ordered the ladder lowered in order to leap onto it from the Space Museum corridor as it passed the ladder, halfway through the switch. Although the corridor was on the third floor and the distance between it and the ladder was 20 feet, making the jump extremely dangerous, the phantom was able to make the leap because of his unique psychological makeup, which made him unable to feel fear like a normal human being.

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