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Global Studios Employee Area
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Employee Area
People to meet Cody Hackins
Penny Nichols
Dick Gumshoe
Available evidence Sleeping Pill Bottle
Steak Plate
Linked locations Studio - main gate
Dressing room
Locations in Global Studios
Studio OneStudio One entranceStudio - main gateEmployee AreaEmployee AreaDressing room (Global Studios)Studio TwoGlobalstudiomap
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The Global Studios employee area is a sort of multipurpose area for employees at Global Studios. Actors may do a run-through for an action scene or have their meals here. A vending machine in the room sells, among other foods and beverages, "Samurai Soda", a product of the Samurai franchise.

On one of the walls there is a drain which fanboys often use to try and sneak into the studio. During her time as security guard there, Wendy Oldbag managed to catch them all, except for one. When she was held by the police for questioning about the murder of Jack Hammer, Oldbag called the studio assistant Penny Nichols and told her to close the drain. Shortly after Nichols had finished doing so, Phoenix Wright, who was investigating the murder, was persuaded by his assistant Maya Fey into reopening it to allow fanboys to once again use it. Opposite to the drain, there is a door leading to Will Powers's dressing room. His name is attached on the wall by the side of the door and is the only known dressing room in the employee area.

No security method exists for the room, meaning that everyone who passes by the main gate can enter, despite Oldbag warning that the area was exclusively employees only.