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Engarde Mansion
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Engarde Mansion
Owned by Matt Engarde
Entrance Living room
Enter from Hotel Lobby
Relevant cases Farewell, My Turnabout

The Engarde Mansion was the residence of Matt Engarde and his pet cat Shoe. This is the place where Shelly de Killer initially held Maya Fey hostage.

Hostage housing[]

Main article: Farewell, My Turnabout

After assassin Shelly de Killer killed Juan Corrida, he kidnapped Maya Fey to coerce Phoenix Wright into taking the case of the accused, Matt Engarde. De Killer held Fey in Engarde's wine cellar, and posed as Engarde's butler, "John Doe," to avoid suspicion. While Engarde was incarcerated and awaiting trial, he sent Wright to his mansion to feed his cat Shoe. There, Wright found and spoke with "John Doe." While Pearl started playing with Shoe, Wright tried to ask "Doe" questions; however, the latter insisted that he was, as a butler, too lowly to be talking about matters concerning his boss.

Later, de Killer contacted Wright by transceiver to check up on him, but just as he made to end the call, Shoe meowed, giving away his butler disguise and location. Miles Edgeworth, who was listening in, quickly sent police to Engarde Mansion and rushed with Wright into the living room. However, Shelly de Killer had already made his escape with Fey. The two lawyers forced their way into the private lounge and then the wine cellar to find various clues leading to the conclusion that Engarde had recorded Corrida's assassination.