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Shadi Enigmar (as Zak Gramarye).

PW youngtrucy

Trucy Enigmar.

Enigmar is a family surname that may refer to:

Family history[]

  • 1979: Shadi Enigmar is born.
  • 2010-11: Trucy Enigmar is born to Shadi Enigmar and Thalassa Gramarye.
  • 2016: Thalassa is apparently killed in an accident during a magic trick and disappears.
  • 2019:
    • April 13: Shadi receives the rights to Troupe Gramarye's magic tricks from his mentor Magnifi Gramarye. Magnifi commits suicide.
    • April 19: Shadi is put on trial under suspicion of murdering Magnifi. He disappears from the courtroom before the verdict can be read.
    • c. May 3: Trucy is adopted by Shadi's defense attorney, Phoenix Wright.
  • 2026:


"Enigmar" is likely a play on "enigma", meaning "puzzling", "mysterious" or "inexplicable".

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