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Enoch Drebber is a mechanic and former student who used to make a living as a grave-robber. He was a witness during Elyder Meningen's murder trial.

Someone was Buried alive Edit

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Witnessing the "Professor" rise from his grave.

Enoch Drebber was living and studying at London university to become a scientist, he was a great student. However, he took part in a small group who grave-robbed Lowgate Cemetery to dig up freshly-buried prisoners who were executed from the nearby Berkly Prison and sell them in order to make a living, he always brings a camera with him to record information about the graves he robs. One night, he dug up the dangerous serial killer named the Professor, but when he opened the coffin he found that the man was well and moving, almost as if he came back to life. When the figure was shot dead by someone behind Drebber, he got covered in blood and fled in terror, his hair was said to have turned white due to that horrifying experience. Unknown to him, the man was actually framed and buried alive. Two men were going to secretly send him home to Japan but since Drebber dug him out first one of them shot him to keep him dead for real.

Drebber told many outlets but they didn't believe him since the man was now dead. However, a Daily Circus newspaper journalist, Elyder Meningen, published an article with his name. This resulted in him being exposed as a grave robber forcing to leave school and give up his promising career as a scientist. The articles went to be very popular among the people of London. Drebber was later approached by Connette Rozaic, who read the Daily Circus article and got a mold of the deceased Professor, to take a wax mold of his face for her "Hall of Terror" display of the rising Professor in her wax museum. He also sold her his camera because he has no intention of returning to that cemetery, she used it for the figure as well.

Revenge Edit

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One day, Meningen showed up to Enoch Drebber’s new factory. He didn’t actually remember Drebber as a subject of his article and instead came to him as a creator and “swindler”. Meningen had just approached a young scientist by the name of Benjamin Dobinbough about his theory on teleportation and wanted Drebber to build a machine for him with the goal of getting money from the government. Unknown to Meningen, Drebber noticed an article in the newspaper he was holding about the creation of a new forensic investigation unit with coroner Courtney Sithe at the head, Meningen was blackmailing her. Drebber decided to recruit Sithe and kill Meningen for ruining his chances of becoming a scientist.

Drebber Photo

In photograph

Enoch Drebber built a teleportation machine for Dobinbough that was designed like a magic trick. There was a trick floor that connected to a shaft in the platform through which the experimentee would fall. Then, from a green balloon hanging above the test site, a second cage would fall to the Crystal Tower, setting up the illusion that a teleportation actually happened. If Elyder Meningen turned up dead during that, Dobinbough would be framed. In the first cage near the scientist would be the real Meningen; in the second would be the wax figure of the Professor, which Drebber stole from Rozaic's museum a few days before the world's fair. He left a ransom note telling the proprietor to have two hundred pounds ready by October twenty-third if she wants the figure back. Drebber chose this particular wax model to coerce Sithe into going along with his plan. When Drebber brought Dobinbough to his factory, he made him wear a blindfold in the carriage.

She would find the wax model in the cage that fell through the Crystal Tower, along with a letter from someone who “knows the truth about 10 years ago”, then to set up the crime scene as detailed by said letter. Sithe did so but, unknown to Drebber, she went the underside of the machine and into the shaft instead. Drebber intended the fall to kill Meningen but he survived. However, just as he was getting out of the cage, Courtney Sithe stabbed him with Dobinbough's screwdriver, getting her own revenge.

Drebber used a crossbow to shoot a silent flaming arrow and cause an explosion on the green balloon to make the Professor's wax model fall as originally planned. Dobinbough was successfully arrested for the murder of Elyder Meningen. When Dobinbough finally mentioned him on the first day of the trial, his defense team Ryūnosuke Naruhodō and Susato Mikotoba, went looking for him. They finally found his factory after Gina Lestrade's dog, Toby, sniffed an oil stain on the business card from Dobinbough.

Enoch Drebber was in his factory throwing shoes at a balloon to get the Professor's wax head out. When that failed, he decided to blow it up with the whole factory using a time bomb and hide in his safe to protect himself. But he forgot the combination so turned over all the furniture to find out where he hid it, he succeeded. After Sherlock Holmes does his Joint Reasoning and find Drebber, he disarms the time bomb. But Drebber was revealed to have set another time bomb in the machine that he built for Dobinbough. The explosion was enormous and two police officers guarding it.

Being Exposed Edit


The machine he built for Dobinbough after he blew it up

When he is called to the witness stand, he says he really isn't sure about his occupation. First, Drebber says that there was only one cage so it was science, but Naruhodō shows cracks on the cage that were in the wrong place. Then the defense figures out that the real Meningen fell underneath the stage causing Barok van Zieks to reveal a contract between Drebber and Meningen. It stated that the engineer is entitled to thirty percent of any research assistance funds provided by the government, one condition is that they both had to be alive. Since Meningen was dead.

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After Connette Rozaic took the stand, she produces a newspaper article that Elyder Meningen wrote regarding Enoch Drebber. Naruhodō realizes that the contract regarding money was a red herring, Drebber's true motive was revenge. But even with that and Sithe confessing to being an accomplice, Drebber still refused to admit to anything. But Naruhodō presents the photo of Meningen's corpse, Drebber is very surprised that Sithe was the actual killer of Meningen. Drebber had no choice but to confess, but he says he was proud of the magic trick he pulled off.

Personality Edit

Enoch Drebber looks and acts just like a cyborg. He has this talent of making magic look like science, he uses it aiming for the grant money the government gives. He can't stand pseudo scientists.

Trivia Edit

  • Enoch Drebber is the third character to have his hair turn white not due to aging. The other two were Godot and Jeffrey Master.

Name Edit

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