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Shelly de Killer
To think that I would suffer an injury... Gai Tojiro... You could say he was a most capable individual. ...Unlike this man here.
Manosuke Naitō
Tsk! What's so different about me and Tojiro?
Shelly de Killer
I believe you're about as different as a pawn and a queen.
Turnabout Target (From Fan Translation; Translated names replaced with original names)

Gai Tojiro was the head bodyguard of President Teikun Ō of Zheng Fa during his visit to the United States in 2019. He was murdered during the fake assassination attempt of the president at Gourd Lake.

Dying in the line of duty

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President Ō hired the security company that employed Tojiro in preparation for a speech at Gourd Lake on March 25, 2019. Two days before the speech, however, a professional assassin by the name of Shelly de Killer tried to assassinate the president. Although the assassin managed to infiltrate the bodyguards and easily incapacitate his fellow bodyguard, Manosuke Naitō, Tojiro managed to grab and twist the professional killer's arm, then put a bullet in it. De Killer managed to escape, albeit with an injury and a new-found respect for the bodyguard.

Naitō approached the president with a plan for a staged assassination attempt during his speech to help him boost his ailing approval ratings. Tojiro refused to go along with such a plan, so the president and Naitō arranged things for the staged assassination attempt without his knowledge. Indeed, shots rang out during the speech, and with the help of Naitō, Tojiro rushed his charge to the safety of the private presidential plane and put him in a secure panic room. Once he and Naitō were left alone, however, his fellow bodyguard turned his gun on Tojiro and shot him dead.

Fortunately, Miles Edgeworth was able to investigate and resolve Tojiro's death. Despite the efforts of Naitō and the president to prevent him from investigating, de Killer, determined to know the truth behind Tojiro's death, took Naitō hostage to coerce him into allowing Edgeworth into the president's plane.

Later, whilst in Gourd Lake after fleeing the Berry Big Circus, the wound in Shelly's arm reopened as he remarked that he would never forget the man who gave it to him.


Tojiro was a very skilled bodyguard who was even able to injure and drive off the infamous Shelly de Killer. Although not himself from Zheng Fa, he was the president's most trusted and capable bodyguard. An honest man, he refused to take part in the fake assassination attempt.


  • His Japanese name contains the kanji for "castle", which is a reference to the rook chess piece.
  • Tojiro's English name in the fan translation of Gyakuten Kenji 2 is "Ethan Rooke", with his surname being in reference to the rook chess piece and the meaning of his original Japanese name.


  • Like a few other characters in Gyakuten Kenji 2, Tojiro has design and personality parallel with a chess piece. With his hairstyle, head shape, name pun, and desire to protect his "king", Tojiro represents the rook.
  • Akin to Romein LeTouse of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Tojiro is the only victim in the game who had not engaged in immoral activities.
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