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This article is about the location in Rise from the Ashes. For the similar location in Turnabout Goodbyes, see Records Room.
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Evidence Room - Sector Three
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Evidence Room
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The police department evidence room is a storage and archival room for evidence from cases that have been solved but not permanently closed. The evidence is contained in lockers belonging to the detectives who presided over the cases. Each locker's handle contains fingerprint recognition technology that allows only the locker owner's fingerprints to open it. However, the technology is low-key enough that not all of locker users are aware of it. A light shows when the locker is open.

Every year in February, evidence from cases that are over two years old are transferred to an underground vault, and the case is closed forever. This is called evidence transferal. However, closed cases can still be referenced in other ongoing cases.

2017 evidence transferal[]

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Evidence room floor plan.

In February of 2017, the evidence room was undergoing its annual evidence transferral. One of the cases was the SL-9 Incident, colloquially known as the Joe Darke Killings, a series of murders that culminated in the killing of prosecutor Neil Marshall in the office of the Los Angeles chief of police. Darke was put on trial, found guilty and executed. In reality, the murder of Marshall was by the hand of Damon Gant, who orchestrated it in order to convict Darke and ensure his promotion to chief of police.

Jake Marshall, the older brother of Neil Marshall, felt something was amiss about the case and begged Bruce Goodman, the detective in charge of the SL-9 evidence, to reopen the case. When Goodman asked Gant the same thing in the evidence room, the police chief panicked and stabbed the detective with Darke's knife from the SL-9 Incident. He then arranged for the body to be moved to the Prosecutor's Building and for his old investigative partner Lana Skye to take the fall for the murder.

While Skye "murdered" Goodman in the prosecutor's building underground parking lot, Jake sneaked into the evidence room disguised as Goodman. Mike Meekins interrupted him and, in the struggle, thought he had killed Goodman. In actuality, Jake had merely knocked Meekins out and escaped.

Phoenix Wright was eventually able to solve the murder and Gant was arrested.

Reference to other cases[]

Some of Dick Gumshoe's personal objects are stored in the evidence room. When examining them, Wright recognized the metal detector from his last investigation but didn't recognize the fishing pole (as it's optional to obtain). Gumshoe also stated that his handmade frequency detector would be useful sooner or later.