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Jake Marshall
Transferal is like a funeral for old cases. Two years after a case is solved... it's closed forever. Dead. Never to be reopened again. Never to be reinvestigated.

Evidence transferal is an event that takes place every February at the Los Angeles police department. It is the official closing of solved cases, with the evidence from the cases transferred out into permanent storage.


The evidence rooms at the police department hold evidence from solved cases for up to two years, under the supervision of the detective who presided over the case. This is so the evidence can be easily brought back out if there was a mistake during the investigation, or, presumably, if a case appeal is made. However, every February, the evidence from cases that are at least two years old are transferred out of the evidence rooms and into the underground vault at the police station. Once the evidence is moved there, the case is considered permanently closed. This does not apply to unsolved cases such as the DL-6 Incident, which have the full 15 years granted by the statute of limitations to be reopened.


The SL-9 Incident was a case that was about to be subjected to evidence transferal. However, Jake Marshall wanted to reopen the case, and eventually Bruce Goodman sided with him, which led to Goodman's murder.