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Evie Vigil
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Evie Vigil was Juror No. 2 of Albert Harebrayne's trial. After the case she sought Herlock Sholmes's help to find her missing husband, Daley Vigil.

Jury duty[]

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Evie Vigil took the role of Juror No. 2 in Albert Harebrayne's trial for the murder of Odie Asman. She was nervous on how she would help determine the fate of the defendant. While she understood zapping a person, she didn't understand how a person's particles could be broken down and reassembled. She agreed that only the defendant and victim were on the stage, so Harebrayne must be the culprit. She asked Juror No. 4 how much money of the research funding Harebrayne would receive, she assumed ten pounds, but it was really fifty times that.

Voting Albert Harebrayne Guilty with the rest of the Jury.

The next day, Vigil said that she can't stand frauds and cheaters. During the closing argument, Vigil didn't think Courtney Sithe had anything to do with the wax figure of the Professor. Upon being presented that she was the one who signed the Professor's autopsy report, she changed her vote.

Her missing husband[]

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Evie Vigil has a very romantic personality.


  • Her Japanese surname "Mittermon" is a play on Miteiru mono (見ている者) meaning a "person who watches." This could be a reference to her being a juror or looking for her husband.
  • Her English name is a play on "evening vigil".