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Evil Magistrate
You have disgraced me for the last time, Steel Samurai! The pale moon in the sky cries for your blood!

The Evil Magistrate was the main antagonist on the popular tokusatsu television show, The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo, in which he battled against his nemesis, the Steel Samurai.

The character was portrayed by Jack Hammer (who was paid very little for the job) until his death. Although the show was cancelled soon afterwards, the Steel Samurai later made something of a comeback in the form of stage show. The Evil Magistrate, on the other hand, has of yet failed to make a reappearance.



  • Japanese/Chinese (Anime) - Akudaikān/Èdàiguān (アクダイカーン/惡代官) :
    • The name comes from the word for "evil" (悪, aku) and "daikan" (代官), a term used to refer to officials from the Edo period, as well as deputy officials throughout world history.
  • English - Evil Magistrate:
    • Taken from the Japanese name. A "magistrate" is a high-ranking figure of a state or municipality within medieval or modern societies.
  • French - Juge Sans-Coeur:[1]
    • "Heartless Judge".
  • German - Böser Richter:
    • Translates to "Evil Judge".
  • Spanish - Magistrado Malvado:
    • Translates to "Evil Magistrate".
  • Italian - Giudice Oscuro:
    • Translates to "Dark Judge".
  • Chinese (Games) - 貪官魔人 (''Tānguān Mórén'')
    • ''Tānguān" means "corrupt official", while "mórén" is the Chinese reading of "majin", a Japanese term which roughly translates to "magic person".


  • Brazilian Portuguese - Magistrado do Mal:[1]
    • An adaptation of the English name.
  • Russian - Mrachnyy Magistrat (Мрачный магистрат):
    • "Мрачный магистрат" translated is "Grim Magistrate".


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