Execution law

The law in Khura'inese, having just been written by Ga'ran.

The nameless execution law enacted by former Queen of Khura'in, Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in. The law was as follows: "Those who would imperil the crown, no matter the reason, shall be subject to immediate execution upon the Queen's orders."

The law was short lived, as not long after it was enacted Ga'ran's was deposed as Queen, and the law was rendered null and void. However it played an impact on the final events leading up to her dethroning.

History Edit

Following a lengthy trial, American defense attorney Apollo Justice had successfully proven Ga'ran to be guilty of murdering her husband. However Ga'ran proclaimed that he was in no position to force her hand, as due to the Defense Culpability Act his "dear brother", who had delivered false testimony in Ga'ran's defense due to coercion, would also be found guilty. When she was still met with resistance, she proclaimed that what they were doing would bring destruction to the country, and thus made them "terrorists".

On the spot, she used her authority as the ruling sovereign to proclaim it as law that "those who would imperil the crown, no matter the reason, shall be subject to immediate execution". She then ordered that the defense attorney, his co-counsel, and Nahyuta Sahdmadhi, all be put to death at once. In response, the Ga'ran royal guard stormed the courtroom, and held the three men at gunpoint.

At this point Justice underwent a revelation that Ga'ran never had a claim to the throne. After this was proven on the spot, all of her laws were rendered null and void, making her newly enacted law short lived.

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