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Dead Dustin

A crime scene photograph of Exposé Park after the murder of Dustin Prince.

Exposé Park is a park close to the Los Angeles police department that was the scene of Dustin Prince's murder at the hands of Richard Wellington.

It has benches on an upper path from which Prince was pushed to his death. About nine feet below the upper path there is another path with benches, a phone booth and a clock. The path is also soft enough to write a message in. Little else is known about this location since the only information given about it is from testimony, flashbacks, and two photographs.


  • Japanese - Wanpakukōen (わんぱく公園)
  • English - Exposé Park:
    • An "exposé" is the end product of investigative journalism, which takes the form of a report of a crime, political corruption, or a scandal. It comes from the French word for "exposed".
  • French - Parc Alain Glese


  • Brazilian Portuguese - Parque Fantástico: [1]
    • Adaptation of the name in the western style.
    • As it makes references to the foreign term "exposé", related to investigative journalism, the park bears the same name as a Brazilian journalistic program, famous for its exclusive articles and denunciations.


Brazilian localization[]

In the unofficial Brazilian Portuguese fan-translation, the events of the series takes place in São Paulo, Brazil. As a consequence, public phones are not in booth, as shown in the crime scene photo, there they are "Orelhões" instead. So the Jacutem Sabão Team edited the photo of the crime scene and exchanged the phone booth for a "Orelhão".