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Fabien de Rousseau was a French nobleman and confidence trickster, one of the operators of the putative "Red-Headed League".


Fabien de Rousseau is a member of a powerful aristocratic family from Nice, France. He befriended Peppino de Rossi while at boarding school, the two bonding over their shared hair color and their resentment for being singled out for it. After leaving school, Fabien sought a way to exercise his "little grey cells"; the two became partners in crime, operating scams across Europe with Fabien as the ringleader and Peppino as his devoted follower.

A red-headed scam[]

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In the scheme where he crossed paths with Ryunosuke Naruhodo, Fabien drew up a plan to defraud red-headed Londoners: he put out newspaper advertisements announcing a four-pound weekly stipend would be granted to the one chosen to be inducted into the "The Red-Headed League", a fraternal organization for those with red hair. Over a thousand red-haired men arrived at Lime Park for the membership interviews; Fabien and Peppino gave them all perfunctory interviews, took their names, addresses and a five-shilling application fee, and were about to abscond to France with the money before finding out that Peppino bought the ship tickets for the wrong night, stranding them in London for one day longer than planned.

One of the applicants claimed to be Tobias Gregson, openly admitting to being a Scotland Yard inspector investigating claims of fraud and proffering his identification papers to prove it. Fabien doubted whether this man truly was a member of law enforcement but eventually decided to play it safe. Fabien kidnapped the detective and held him against his will in the nearby townhouse he and Peppino were renting, planning to hold him there just long enough to safely make their trip to France before the supposed inspector could cause them any trouble.

Unfortunately, the inspector was actually one Daley Vigil posing as Gregson, as part of the inspector's scheme to establish an alibi while he engaged in another investigation. When Vigil attempted to escape the townhouse, Fabien quickly caught up to him, fastened a collar around his neck and dragged him back to imprisonment, leaving a noticeable ligature mark around Vigil's neck that still remained when de Rousseau and Vigil appeared in court some time later, exposing both Vigil's identity and Gregson's alibi scheme.


  • The school in which de Rossi and de Rousseau met is called Temsik, a reference to one of Shu Takumi's other games, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.


  • His Japanese surname "de Quilco" comes from dekiru ko (出来る子), "capable child."
  • His English surname "de Rousseau" is a French surname meaning "red"[1], referencing his hair color and status as a member of the Red-Headed League.
    • In addition to providing a Sherlock Holmes allusion, his Red-Headed League is likely a reference to a Red Herring, a literary term used to describe an intentionally misleading clue in a mystery.

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