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Phoenix Wright
I became a lawyer because I thought... I thought I could save people who were suffering and in pain... But... When I look at this mess we're in, I can't even protect the person closest to me. Even if I win the case, I still lose in the end...

Episode 4: Farewell, My Turnabout is the fourth and final episode in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All. This episode marks the return of Miles Edgeworth from abroad after his abrupt disappearance, and features a special investigation mode in which Phoenix Wright uses a frequency detector to sweep for bugs at the scene of the crime. A similar mode is featured in Bridge to the Turnabout. This episode marks the début of Adrian Andrews (who reappears in The Stolen Turnabout) and Shelly de Killer (who reappears in Turnabout Target) and also features the return of Will Powers and Wendy Oldbag from Turnabout Samurai.


In the darkness, a drum roll starts and an announcer begins to speak:

Now! The moment you've all been waiting for! Who will be this year's Grand Prix Champion? Who will be our "Hero of Heroes"!?

As an image of the moon appears, the sound of an audience applauding and cheering can be heard. The view pans down to reveal a number of costumed characters. In the center is a figure wearing blue armor with a shuriken on his helmet. As the spotlights play over this figure, the announcer ponders:

Will it be last year's runner-up, Jammin' Ninja!?

The spotlights move on, with the announcer introducing each of the colorful contestants in turn:

Or maybe Captain Saipan all the way from the lovely tropical island of Saipan!? I see the students of a certain Starry School are raring to win! And Global Hero Onyankopon doesn't want to go home without the prize! We hope lady luck is with all our heroes tonight!

The drum roll begins once more as the moment of the announcement approaches.

And now! The winner of the third annual Hero of Heroes Grand Prix...

Suddenly, a voice interrupts:


The image of the moon is suddenly sliced in two and a figure drops down from the ceiling while the theme music from The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo plays. The announcer reacts in surprise as the figure opens a giant fan with "Hero of Heroes Super Hero" written on it while the other competitors react mainly with shock, apart from the Jammin' Ninja, who looks furious.

Whoooooooooa! The true hero of the night has appeared in our midst! It looks like this year's Grand Prix goes to this fantastic warrior! The Nickel Samurai! Too bad, Jammin' Ninja. Looks like the title eluded you again this year!

Mar. 20

In the luxurious Gatewater Imperial Hotel's Viola Hall, Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, Pearl Fey and Will Powers reacted to hearing that the Nickel Samurai won the Hero of Heroes Grand Prix in their own ways; Maya with excitement, Wright with apathy, Powers with pride that the Nickel Samurai was "doing the series justice" and Pearl with confusion. She asked if the person everyone was cheering for had won, and Maya told her that he had. When Pearl revealed that she watched Kids' Masterpiece Theatre rather than The Nickel Samurai, Maya tried to persuade her to change. Pearl wondered if Wright watched the show, but Maya told her that he was an "old fart" who wasn't allowed to watch it anymore, and he stated that he preferred Kids' Masterpiece Theatre. Pearl was annoyed that Wright and Maya were not sharing the same interests, but was told to give it a rest by Maya.

Powers was pleased that they were all having such a good time and was glad to have invited them, although he felt sorry for the Jammin' Ninja, who had lost to The Pink Princess: Warrior of Little Olde Tokyo the previous year and to The Nickel Samurai this year. At this Maya and Powers talked about how odd it was that the Jammin' Ninja was missing his signature bright red guitar, while Wright despaired at "these people and their shows". He thanked Powers anyway for inviting them, but was told it was nothing since Powers owed him for defending him in court two years earlier. Maya interjected to tell Wright that they should head for the hotel lobby since there was a post-ceremony stage show due to start soon and Powers told them that there would be a press conference after that. Wright wondered if something was to be announced, but was told it was supposedly something about the Nickel Samurai confessing something. Maya and Pearl told the pair to stop talking and start moving, with Wright wondering what the rush was about since the show wasn't due to start for another 20 minutes.

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After Wright went to and returned from the bathroom, Powers gave the group tickets for a press conference that Matt Engarde, the actor of the Nickel Samurai, was scheduled to hold after the post-ceremony show. Shortly after, Wright, Maya, Pearl, and Powers went to the lobby, only to learn shortly after from the P.A. that the post ceremony show had been canceled due to a request from the police. Worried, the group started to move back towards Viola Hall, only to be stopped by the security guard, Wendy Oldbag. Wright, Maya, and Pearl managed to elude the guard and continued towards Viola Hall. Upon entering Viola Hall, they were stopped by a bellboy, who told Maya that there was a call waiting for her at the front desk. She said she would catch up with Wright later, and left with the bellboy.

Moving into the hallway, Wright heard two familiar voices and saw that Lotta Hart was trying to get information from Dick Gumshoe. When both noticed Wright had appeared on the scene, they both attempted to pressure Wright into siding with them in their argument. In doing so, the detective let it slip that a murder had taken place. Satisfied, the investigative photographer ran away in delight, beginning to spread the news. After the detective hung his head at his blunder, he proceeded to inform Wright of the events that had transpired.

The crime

The murder victim was Juan Corrida, the actor of the Jammin' Ninja in the television show of the same name. The estimated time of death was 8:15, immediately after the awards ceremony. Gumshoe didn't mention any more at the time, but he also let slip that Matt Engarde had been arrested on suspicion of murdering Corrida.

A kidnapping

Wright and Pearl returned to the lobby, where a distressed Powers was waiting for them. Wright told him the details: that Juan Corrida had been murdered, and that Matt Engarde was the suspect. Powers groaned, commenting on how these events were just like last year. He then gave a radio transceiver to Wright, telling him that a bellboy had said it was for the attorney. Pearl was starting to wonder where Maya had gone, as it had been a long time since she had gone to answer the telephone. At that moment, the transceiver began beeping. Wright asked who the man on the other end was, but was told that he should be worried about more important things. At that moment, Maya's scream rang through the radio, yelling for help from Wright. The caller threatened to kill her if Wright refused to cooperate. Wright became unstable (with the game's image flashing sporadically on the screen).

What is this called again in your fancy lawyer terms?
Phoenix Wright
..."Kidnapping for ransom"...

After regaining his composure, Wright immediately asked, "H-How much!?" The kidnapper congratulated Wright on his swift grasping of the situation, but then told him that what he wanted wasn't money, but was a complete acquittal for Matt Engarde. The kidnapper went on to say that Matt Engarde hadn't killed anyone, but that someone was trying to frame him. The kidnapper told Wright that the trial was due to take place in two days, and that Wright must procure an acquittal for Matt Engarde on that day, or Maya would die. In one last act of desperation, Wright asked who this person on the other end was.

Alright, I'll tell you that much. My name is... De Killer.

The call was then disconnected.

Powers immediately suggested that Wright tell the police, to which Wright responded that, if something of the sort happened, Maya would die. Pearl then asked if they could trust Detective Gumshoe. Agreeing, Wright ran back to the hallway to inform the detective of the situation. The detective subsequently offered his help, but told Wright that he would probably be in the hotel for the rest of the night. However, he managed to obtain permission to let Wright and Pearl leave. Unfortunately, Gumshoe told Wright that there was almost too much evidence pointing to Engarde as the killer...

The scene then cut to Maya's POV, where she had a brief conversation with a strange man.

Mar. 21


Pearl woke Wright up, hoping that they could see Engarde. However, visiting hours did not begin until 9 AM so they would have to wait. Pearl then asked Wright if he was going to represent Engarde. The latter responded by saying yes, partly because he was forced to by the kidnapper. However, when she asked him about Engarde being the real killer and still considering the idea to give him an acquittal, Wright suggested they ask Engarde first, stating that thinking "bad things" wouldn't change a thing.

When they arrived at the detention center, Wright immediately tried to comfort Engarde, in which Engarde assumed Wright was a life insurance salesman and a fire extinguisher salesman later on. Wright denied the ideas and introduced himself. Engarde then called his manager. Pearl commented him on being a strange person, while Wright thought "strange" was an understatement. Engarde finished his call and told them they arrived at the right time because his manager needed a good lawyer. When Wright decided to ask him a few personal questions, this resulted in Engarde calling his publisher. Wright tried a different approach and asked him about the murder. This made Engarde think Wright is doing this for a tabloid. When Wright asked him about the press conference, Engarde denied its existence. Engarde then told Wright he didn't need Wright to represent him. As a result, Wright suddenly blurted out De Killer's name. When Engarde heard the name, he immediately accepted Wright's terms. Engarde told Wright about his job as the Nickel Samurai and why he was suspected. He then asked why he would kill Corrida if he himself had won the Grand Prix by storm. Pearl still did not trust Engarde, so Wright decided to ask him if Engarde really did kill Corrida. When Engarde clearly stated he did not kill Juan Corrida, no Psyche-Lock appeared. Pearl then deemed him trustworthy.

Investigation Part 2

Now, Wright had to go around to the crime scene to find evidence to prove his client innocent. He re-encountered Lotta and Oldbag and first encountered Engarde's manager, Adrian Andrews. Interestingly, he came across a newspaper clipping implying that Andrews once had a relationship with Engarde's rival Corrida, the victim. In the crime scene, Wright discovered an interesting piece of evidence -- a filled wine glass sitting perfectly still on a desk, in spite of how the crime scene showed ever-so-obvious signs of Corrida and his killer having an intense struggle. He also hears from Lotta that her camera had been stolen. During his investigation, he ran into Franziska von Karma, who was still using a transmitter to track Detective Gumshoe wherever he was. She was to be Wright's rival in court the next day. Wright had found 4 Psyche-Locks on Andrews once he asked her about what she knows about the murder.

Whilst at the Criminal Affairs Department, Wright is shocked to see his longtime rival -- whom he had not seen in a long year -- return! Miles Edgeworth was back. Edgeworth, quiet about where he was that year, expressed to Wright one new fact about the case -- the mentor of Adrian and the former manager of Corrida, a woman named Celeste Inpax, committed suicide -- and the first to discover her body was Juan Corrida, could this be related to the murder? Inpax also, as traces of pen on her hand indicated, left a suicide note that had gone missing; could Juan have something to do with it? More interestingly, Adrian herself attempted to commit suicide after Inpax but failed. This new information enabled Wright to break Andrews' Psyche-Locks. Afterwards, Wright took note of the card Adrian had been subconsciously twirling in her hand all that time -- a card with a shell on it.

A brief scene of Maya trapped in a wine cell played again. She tried to escape the cell, but the door is locked. She found a card (that looks identical to the one the player saw earlier with Adrian) and tried to pick-lock the door with it, but the results of her attempt were unknown as the scene ended...

Trial day 1

Upon entering court, Wright saw that von Karma was not at the prosecutor's bench. Miles Edgeworth then entered with terrible news; on the way to court, von Karma was shot and hospitalized. Wright realized it was the "present" de Killer promised. Edgeworth stated that he will be taking her place.

Edgeworth starts off the trial by summoning Gumshoe to the stand. Gumshoe begins by explaining that the murder had happened after the Hero of Heroes ceremony, with Corrida found dead in his hotel room. A later investigation had revealed that the guitar case in Corrida's room, initially suspected to be involved in his murder, was later concluded to be irrelevant to the murder.

During the cross examination, it was revealed that Corrida had not died of a stab wound, but rather strangulation by his bandana; the knife found in his chest was revealed to have been stabbed in by someone after Corrida had died. The guitar case was suspected by the police for the fact that the signature guitar of the Jammin' Ninja, which was carried with him everywhere, was not in the case; it was later found out that Corrida had left it at Worldwide Studios, meaning that the guitar case was already empty before Corrida even arrived at Gatewater Hotel.

Edgeworth then cuts in, summarizing the points so far. He then posed the question of why Engarde was arrested, to which Gumshoe testified again.

According to Gumshoe, Engarde and Corrida had been rivals with each other, thinking that the other party was "in his way", providing a motive for murder. A button of the Jammin' Ninja's costume was found on the "hakama" of the Nickel Samurai, and the knife found at the crime scene was covered with Engarde's fingerprints. Gumshoe then boldly exclaimed that the knife was bought, hence it was a premeditated murder, to which Wright immediately objected, showing that the knife, which had "Gatewater" engraved into it, was hotel property and not bought, hence it wasn't a premeditated murder. Edgeworth however simply laughed creepily, before saying that "the defense is too careless". He admits that the knife was hotel property, but he also points out that the knife was from Engarde's room, where two plates and two sets of utensils were placed on the table... but a knife was missing: this was the knife found at the crime scene. He then stated that as Engarde had gone to Corrida's room holding a knife, that was more than enough intent to murder Corrida.

Mia, who had been channeled by Pearl earlier, notes that Edgeworth apparently had this planned from the start, causing Wright to realize that he had fallen into the trap Edgeworth had set for him. The judge, now convinced of Engarde's guilt, was prepared to lay down the verdict, only to be stopped by Edgeworth, who invites Wright to present evidence that has yet to be presented to the court. Wright then presents the wine glass found in Corrida's room (presentation of any other evidence would cause Wright to lose the case immediately). The wine glass was found on the dresser intact, even though all the other objects originally on the dresser (a vase, makeup, etc.) were all found to be on the floor, shattered and in a mess.

Wendy Oldbag is now called to the stand; she testifies that whilst up to a private activity, she had seen Matt sneaking out of Juan's room. Eventually, Wright got Oldbag to acknowledge that she was waiting for Adrian Andrews to see her involvement in the scandals about her. She then admitted to having Oldbag's stolen camera; in it, a picture of a man with Engarde's costume was shown exiting Corrida's room... But as Wright points out, that person in the photos couldn't be Engarde; the person is clearly holding the robe up since they are not tall enough to wear it naturally. Wright then pointed out that it was Adrian Andrews in the photo. Suddenly, the judge announced that he would postpone the trial a day -- Wright was shocked that Maya could die since he didn't get the one-day acquittal as ordered, but Edgeworth, announcing his expectation that Wright may subpoena Andrews, said that he had Andrews waiting in the prosecutor's lobby.

Andrews had a rather protracted argument with Wright, giving a total of 5 testimonies cross-examined consecutively (a rather prominent amount in the context of the series). Eventually Wright proved and made Andrews admit that she did in fact adjust the scene to frame Matt, but she still vigorously denied being the killer. Edgeworth, as the trial was postponed (to Wright's terrible shock) a day, ordered Adrian to hand over the card she had been holding, of De Killer.

Investigation Part 1

Fortunately, Wright managed to convince the kidnapper that Engarde had not yet been found guilty, and therefore he had not yet failed. The kidnapper permitted Maya to live for one more day. With Gumshoe's directions, Wright returned to the Hotti Clinic; Von Karma announced that she was still adamant about attending the trial in spite of her GSW, but Edgeworth insisted to take the case. Edgeworth then gave Wright more information on the De Killer family; that the family is a lineage of assassins that leave those shell cards behind to tell the police that they killed it. As Edgeworth told Wright that he was convinced that Engarde was the client (albeit not the physical killer), Wright recalled that Engarde's response to his question yesterday (about whether or not he was the true killer) was true; he didn't kill Corrida, but if he is the client, that would both explain the lack of Psyche-Locks and make him just as guilty.

Maya then was revealed to have escaped the wine cell she was in the previous day, and vainly investigated the house she seemed to be in, but could not make progress. Then, the kidnapper appeared...

Wright was unable to speak to Engarde at the Detention Center, but he was ordered by Engarde to go feed his cat at Engarde Mansion. Although it is dramatic irony that Wright and Pearl didn't know at this time, this was the same house that Maya was held hostage in earlier. Wright sees and feeds the cat, and he meets a butler going by the name of John Doe. Also unknown to Wright/Pearl at the time (but known to the player), this is the same man who held Maya hostage in the earlier scenes.

The Final Confrontation

Will Powers was called to testify first. Powers claimed to have seen a mysterious and suspicious "bellboy" twice; once before the murder receiving a roll of cash from an unseen person, and again after the murder presenting a small statue-like "something" to the same unknown person--this person who was, undoubtedly, the assassin's client. His testimony stonily implicated that the bellboy was, in fact, the assassin in disguise, despite Wright's attempts to discredit the bellboy's many suspicious actions and characteristics.

After being pressed, Powers remembered that it was the wooden puzzle bear figurine that the bellboy had given the unseen person, and Wright claimed that there must be something inside the bear that the client was interested in. He eventually resorted to accusing Adrian Andrews as the killer, and a recess was called.

During the recess, Engarde gloated over Wright in his despair, mocking that he was desperate enough to pin the crime on Andrews while knowing she was innocent. Gumshoe called Wright and confessed that they still had no leads on de Killer's location. Just then, Mia appeared, having just been chanelled by Pearl. She informed Wright and Gumshoe that, while being channeled by Maya, she could see a circus tent. The only circus in town was the Big Berry Circus, so Gumshoe and the police immediately went there.

When court resumed, Wright got Adrian Andrews to unlock the puzzle and open the bear for him to see what was inside: Celeste Inpax's suicide note, an item of great importance to her.

Wright accused Andrews of forging the suicide note to frame Engarde, as she was the only one who could open it. The court crowds were not convinced, though; they were certain Engarde was guilty and disgusted with Wright for going to such lengths to defend him.

Gumshoe called Wright on his cell phone, and Wright demanded an update. Gumshoe admitted that de Killer had got away, and buying more time seemed impossible. The court was crying for Engarde's guilt, and the Judge seemed ready to suspend proceedings for another day; Maya, Wright was certain, would not last. Edgeworth, however, managed to convince the Judge that a thirty-minute recess was all that would be needed in order to analyze the suicide note.

Over the recess, Miles spoke on the phone with Gumshoe, who proudly claimed that he had recovered evidence left by de Killer at the hideout and was on his way to submit it. But, in his haste to get back to the courtroom, he had a car accident, and the connection was lost. Edgeworth could see no way to locate him yet; Wright suggested that they use Franziska and her tracker to find Gumshoe, and Edgeworth conceded.

The trial reconvened; Edgeworth shocked the judge by claiming to have the assassin himself as a witness. He then brought in a radio, on which de Killer's voice was heard. De Killer admitted to killing Corrida personally, but insisted that his client was Adrian Andrews, shocking Edgeworth; de Killer had told him that his client was Matt Engarde in order to get on the stand. He made several errors in his testimony, however, such as referring to Andrews as a man after claiming to have met with her in person, and quickly became annoyed with Wright for not accepting this easy opportunity to win the trial. When Wright, desperate for time, continue to press him, de Killer threatened to kill Maya on the spot, over the radio for all to hear, if the trial was not ended at once.

Both Wright and Edgeworth knew they could not risk angering de Killer any further. With Edgeworth unable to think of any more questions and thus unable to uphold his stance, the Judge was forced to believe that de Killer was telling the truth and that his client was Adrian Andrews. He informed Wright that, under these circumstances, Engarde would be found innocent, and Andrews would be charged with Corrida's murder instead. He then instructed that Engarde be bought to the stand.

Once Engarde took the stand, he quickly revealed his disgust not only at his own "refreshing like a spring breeze" slogan, but also the way that Wright had acted, calling him "atrocious as a lawyer". However, he remained satisfied that his defense attorney would give him the "not guilty" verdict he needed. The judge, although shocked at Engarde's change in attitude, asked Wright for his final thoughts.

Wright knew he had run out of time, but he did not know what to say, and Mia was unable to give him any advice either. If he were to side with justice and declare Engarde guilty, then Maya would be killed. If he were to save Maya and declare Engarde innocent, however, then Andrews would be found guilty for a crime she didn't commit. The judge eventually pressed him for an answer and, whispering an apology to Maya, Wright made his choice.


Franziska's Return

Just before he could make his statement, von Karma burst into the room. She had located Gumshoe (whose injuries were only minor) and bought his trenchcoat, which contained the valuable pieces of evidence, to the court in his place. Wright quickly told the judge that "the defense's final pieces of evidence" were in the coat. The judge was initially reluctant to view them, as in his mind, the trial was already over, but Edgeworth persuaded him to do so. On the condition that they would only be accepted if they bought up a new lead, the judge agreed.

Von Karma then revealed that three pieces of evidence had been left behind by de Killer; a pistol, a video tape and a bellboy's uniform. Although a proper test had not been performed on the pistol, von Karma believed that the pistol was the one de Killer used to shoot her. The bullet, which she had kept as a momento, would be useful for a ballistics test. The police had had no time to examine the contents of the video tape, but de Killer had returned in an attempt to reclaim it, injuring three officers in the process. The bellboy's uniform came with a pair of black leather gloves, leading von Karma to believe it was used on the night of the murder. In addition, one of the buttons was missing.

Despite this, the judge would not accept the items, as they did not answer the question of who de Killer's client actually was. Wright, distraught by this, began to believe that miracles didn't exist after all, but Mia comforted him, explaining that miracles had to be made to happen, and urged him for her sake to try and make a miracle happen. She explained that there were two ways to defeat Engarde; either make him wish for a guilty verdict or make de Killer break his contract. Wright saw both of these as impossible, but Mia insisted that it truly would be a "miracle" if either were to happen. She then urged Wright to turn the situation around, as they had done countless times before, as although the judge was not willing to accept the items, someone else might be.

Spurred on, Wright told the judge that although the court had seen all the evidence, he wanted to show them to another person, someone who had not seen them. The judge decided to allow Wright to show one piece of evidence to one person, but told him it would be the only chance allowed, otherwise Engarde would be declared innocent. Thinking back through everything that had happened up until now, Wright made his decision: to show the newly acquired video tape to Shelly de Killer.

Contact was re-established with de Killer and Wright asked him about the tape. He confirmed that he had returned in an attempt to retrieve it and that he had done so on a request from his client. Wright then asked about the contents, but de Killer admitted he didn't know, as he had been told not to watch it. Wright then second-guessed that the video contained the murder of Corrida by de Killer. He told the assassin that a camera had been set-up in the room and that the only person who could have done that would have been his own client. Furthermore, de Killer had been given a specific time and place to murder Corrida, for the sole purposes of being filmed.

File:Phoenix relieved.png

De Killer, shocked by this revelation, demanded to know why his client had done this. Remembering his talk with Engarde the night before, Wright explained that de Killer's client didn't trust him at all, and had every intention of using the video for blackmailing purposes. In fact, the client had never trusted anyone and used anyone to get their own way. This enraged de Killer, as far as he was concerned, his client had broken their bond of trust and was now a traitor. Edgeworth, remembering that de Killer despised traitors, asked him what would happen if one of his own clients betrayed him. De Killer revealed that, if that was the case, he would break their contract and then hunt them down as his next target, no matter how long it took (Wright realized at this point that this was the "miracle" Mia had told him about). De Killer then officially broke his contract with Engarde and informed Wright that he would return Maya to him, much to the attorney's relief.

Engarde was then bought back to the stand. He had overheard de Killer's statements and desperately pleaded Wright to help him. Wright told him (either directly or indirectly, depending on the player's choice) that even if Engarde were given an acquittal, he would be at risk from a betrayed de Killer the moment he stepped out of the courtroom. Realizing there was only one way to save his life, Engarde desperately pleaded guilty, screaming loudly and scratching new scars into his face.

File:Matt gulity.png

As Engarde was lead off by von Karma, Andrews was bought back to the witness stand. She explained that she intended to pay for her own "crimes" and admitted that she had felt "hopeless" when Edgeworth had challenged her. Her time in the detention centre made her see herself for what she really was, however, and admitted, with a gentle smile on her face, that she felt she had been "saved" when Wright and Edgeworth had teamed up to convict Engarde. She thanked both of them profusely, and the judge, although still very confused over the matter, decided to adjourn the court whilst everyone was in good spirits.

Wright headed back to the defendant lobby. Von Karma then entered the room and told Wright that his perfect win record was soiled, and that his celebration was strange. Edgeworth entered the room, explaining why he left the office. He realized being a lawyer is not about being perfect, but finding the truth. Angry about Edgeworth having lost his title of being a von Karma disciple, Franziska von Karma stormed out, leaving her whip and her Gumshoe tracker behind.

Edgeworth took the tracker, while Maya entered the room to have a heartfelt reunion with Wright and Pearl. Maya declared that she is starving, so the group left for dinner at the Viola Hall. They discussed the trial, Wright gave Edgeworth the whip and, after some urging (and being informed that everyone had put his name down in paying for the feast), Phoenix Wright said his catchphrase one last time.



The game then cut to the credits.


Maya was delighted that Wright had managed to save her life once again. Considering this had been the third time her life had been on the line, she admitted she now felt "like a pro".

Pearl was also delighted that Wright had managed to save Maya. After hearing that the Gatewater Imperial Hotel was a popular choice for honeymooners, she booked a reservation for the two of them.

Gumshoe was reinstated into the police force on Edgeworth's request. This was largely due to Gumshoe's accident, and how dangerous it would be to "let [him] go", but the detective seemed oblivious to this.

Maggey Byrde resigned as a police officer and took on a role as a waitress at a local resturant, hoping that Wright would drop by some day.

"Director Hotti" admitted that he missed seeing von Karma, remembering that he'd get whipped by her even if he looked at her. However, he admitted he didn't mind this at all.

The remaining members of the Berri Big Circus began preperations for a world tour, starting with Zimbabwe. Whilst Moe, Ben and Trilo began practicing, Regina Berry asked Maximillion Galactica what Zimbabwe was like, wondering if there were castles made of cake, and talking rabbits. Max claimed that, even if the rabbits could talk, they still wouldn't laugh at Moe's jokes.

Oldbag was still searching Engarde's room using Gumshoe's bug sweeper, to no avail. She didn't mind since Edgeworth had requested it, but she began to suspect that something was amiss. The prospect of being forgotten caused her to rant again.

Andrews was grateful for both Wright and Edgeworth's actions. She also received a letter from von Karma, saying she should consolt her once all charges had been dropped.

De Killer decided to take a leave of absence, citing "living difficulties". He stated that anyone needing his services should check his homepage before leaving, but not before his transceiver self-destructed to prevent the police tracking him.

Von Karma's goodbyes

Edgeworth managed to track down von Karma at the airport with the tracking device she had placed on Gumshoe. Von Karma still had Gumshoe's trenchcoat, although she didn't know why and intended to dispose of it as soon as she could. This reminded Edgeworth as to what Gumshoe had said, and he told von Karma that a piece of evidence had gone missing, presumably it was in the coat pocket. Von Karma didn't care though, since the trial was already over.

Edgeworth got back to the topic at hand, and asked von Karma if she was intending to "run away". Von Karma refused to answer, claiming he had no idea what it meant to be in her position. She claimed that, as her father was a "genius", she had been forced to live up to his name, and fulfill everything that was expected of her, even though she knew she couldn't. Edgeworth insisted that even if she couldn't be like her father, she was still a prosecutor, even if she didn't want to be. He then revealed he had her whip (thinking back to Wright, sure that he knew what would happen), and would continue to hold onto it.

When von Karma didn't respond, Edgeworth pressed on, reminding her that prosecutors fight for the truth, not for pride or honour, and hoped von Karma would think about that. Von Karma then snidely remarked that Edgeworth hadn't changed at all. She had always hated the fact that he had always done his own thing, and left her behind. Her whole intention for beating Wright, she explained, was purely for revenge against Edgeworth; if she had beaten Wright, the one man Edgeworth couldn't, she would have proven herself better than him. She then admitted that she couldn't change who she was, but Edgeworth insisted she could, just as Andrews had done. He cautioned her, that he still intended to continue learning what it meant to be a prosecutor, and he would no longer wait for von Karma, especially if she gave up her job.

De killer card

This was all too much for von Karma to take. Struggling to hold back tears, she insisted that she would not walk in Edgeworth's shadow forever, and that she would return to get her revenge on him. With that, she boarded her plane and headed back to Germany. During the flight, she found the fourth piece of evidence; one of de Killer's calling cards with a drawing of Wright on it. She told herself she'd face off against Wright in the future, and decided to hold onto the card until she met him again.

References to other cases

References to popular culture

  • Near the beginning of the episode, Maya begins telling a story to Pearl which begins with "This one time, at lawyer camp." This is a paraphrase of the "This one time, at band camp..." line spoken by Alyson Hannigan's character Michelle Flaherty in the 1999 comedy film American Pie.
  • During Adrian Andrews' testimony about the tomato juice, Edgeworth remarks that, "Usually when one finds a body, they are shaken up, not stirring a glass of juice." This is a reference to a catchphrase of the fictional British Secret Service agent James Bond, specifically how he prefers his martinis prepared.
  • When Wright accuses Andrews of being the murderer, he exclaims, "Ms. Adrian Andrews! I choose you! You are Mr. Corrida's killer!" "I choose you", followed by the name of a Pokémon, is often shouted by characters in the Pokémon anime when sending out their chosen Pokémon.
  • Later, when Wright suddenly comes across Oldbag while investigating Corrida's hotel room, he is initially startled and exclaims, "Zoinks! It's the alien!!" This is a reference to the character Shaggy from the long-running American animated franchise Scooby-Doo, during which Shaggy uses his catchphrase "Zoinks!" whenever he's surprised or scared, which is frequently.
  • During the search of Engarde's mansion for Shelly de Killer, Edgeworth states that they will have to break down the door to the private lounge, with Wright replying that he has had his share of breaking down doors. This is likely a reference to his breaking into the Channeling Chamber in Reunion, and Turnabout.


  • This is the first time in the Ace Attorney series that the player is able to control another character, with Maya Fey being briefly controlled at the end of each chapter. It is also the first of only three times (the other two being Lamiroir at the finale of Turnabout Succession and Detective Gumshoe during The Imprisoned Turnabout) in which a non-attorney character is playable, although there are very few options in terms of control.
  • This episode is the only one to end in a guilty verdict in the Ace Attorney series so far. The only other case Wright did not win can be found in Turnabout Succession, due to no verdict being declared. It is also the only one where receiving the "Not Guilty" verdict results in losing the game (but not the case).
De Killer's Pistol

De Killer's pistol.

  • De Killer's pistol resembles the real-world Luger P08.
  • Franziska von Karma says that she will deliver the fourth piece of evidence, the vandalized de Killer calling card, to Wright when they next meet. However, at their next meeting, no mention is made of it.
  • This is the second case in which Mia Fey makes a significant appearance, but is not included in the court record (the first being Turnabout Samurai).
  • Edgeworth would finally meet de Killer in person a year later, although the assassin would initially pretend to be an ice cream salesman. Strangely, despite de Killer's signature shell design being clearly visible on his "ice cream salesman" clothing, neither Edgeworth nor any other law enforcement officer on the scene seemed to recognize it. This is odd considering that Edgeworth was able to instantly recognize the design on one of the assassin's calling cards in Farewell, My Turnabout. Edgeworth commented that he should've seen his face in the police files, but he didn't (commenting "Curses, I was careless"); this police file he is referring to is likely the videotape of de Killer murdering Corrida.

Alternate ending


Wright wandering in despair.

The player achieves this ending if Wright either presented any evidence except the video tape, presented it to anyone but Shelly de Killer, or said anything other than that Engarde "wanted blackmail on you".

Despite Wright's best efforts, he could not support his claim regarding Engarde's guilt. The judge refused to allow him another chance and declared Engarde not guilty. Ashamed, Wright fled the courtroom, never to return, and wandered the streets alone. Days after the trial, he heard the verdict of Adrian Andrews' trial, which was, as he expected, guilty. The miracle he had hoped for never happened, maybe because, as he concluded to himself, a "miracle" is something that doesn't exist. He never saw Maya again, but was sure that de Killer released her, as he was a man of his word.


  • On the first day, just after de Killer tells Wright and Pearl that Maya has been kidnapped, Powers will say "...I think we should tell the police what it's going on...!" instead of "...I think we should tell the police what is going on...!"
  • On the second day, after receiving Engarde's request to feed Shoe, Gumshoe will suddenly barge into Wright's office. After a quick chat with Wright, the player then can chose one of three topics: "The Future", "Edgeworth", and "Franziska". Midway though the "The Future" topic, Gumshoe will say, "I guess that means I'm just gonna half to work here at your place, pal!", instead of "I guess that means I'm just gonna have to work here at your place, pal!"
  • During the first trial recess, Wright, Mia, and Engarde discuss the likelihood of Adrian Andrews being the murderer. During this conversation, Mia refers to her as "Mr. Andrews", instead of "Ms. Andrews".
  • One of the English localization's most infamous typos occurs in the Nintendo DS version's "bad ending", when Wright says: "The miracle never happen." This error was corrected for the European version of the game, which instead has Wright correctly state: "The miracle never happened."

Other languages

  • Japanese - さらば、逆転 (Saraba, Gyakuten; lit. "Then Farewell, Turnabout")
  • French - Adieu, ma Volte-Face (lit. "Farewell, My Turnabout")
  • German - Leb wohl, Wandel (lit. "Farewell, Turnabout")
  • Spanish - Adiós, caso mío (lit. "Farewell, My Turnabout")
  • Italian - Un Triste Addio (lit. "A Sad Farewell")
  • Korean - 안녕히, 역전 (Annyeonghi, Yeogjeon; lit. "(Then) Goodbye, Turnabout")

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