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"Farewell, My Turnabout - 1st Trial" is the twenty-first episode of the Ace Attorney animated adaptation. It is the first of four episodes that adapt the story of Farewell, My Turnabout from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All.



Adaptation differences[]

  • The Starry school students were referred to as Justice Academy, Class 4-2.
  • In the anime, it was the fifteenth annual Hero of Heroes Grand Prix, while in the game it was only the third. Will Powers also reveals that the Signal Samurai won the very first Hero of Heroes Grand Prix.
  • Lotta Hart is completely absent, with Larry Butz taking her place as the photographer who snaps a picture of Adrian Andrews wearing the Nickel Samurai outfit in the hallway.
  • Maya Fey is not called to a phone call by Shelly de Killer in his bellboy disguise at first, but instead by an announcement from the speakers of the hotel. De Killer instead appears when Maya is already on her way.
  • Butz is given the transceiver by de Killer instead of Powers, he is also there when Shelly de Killer answers while Powers left.
  • There is no mention of the tracking device planted in Dick Gumshoe's coat by Franziska von Karma.
  • The scene where von Karma was shot in the shoulder is actually presented in the anime. Also, the shooting incident was first reported to the court by Gumshoe rather than the court bailiff. Pearl Fey was also not channeling Mia Fey at the time.
  • Miles Edgeworth makes his return at the beginning of the first trial, rather than during the investigation before.

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