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"Farewell, My Turnabout - Last Trial" is the twenty-fourth episode of Gyakuten Saiban: Sono "Shinjitsu", Igiari!, and the last episode of anime's first season. It is the last of four episodes that adapt the story of Farewell, My Turnabout.



Differences from the gameEdit

  • Von Karma only presents the video footage of de Killer murdering Corrida; the pistol used to shoot her shoulder and the bellboy's uniform worn by de Killer are not seen. She also wears Gumshoe's coat instead of using it to carry the evidence and has an arm sling bandage around her right arm that is later removed sometime before Edgeworth meets her at the airport.
  • Rather than choosing to present the footage to de Killer, de Killer asks what's going on from the transceiver near by causing Phoenix to show him the footage. This was mostly due to the fact that it is an anime not a game.
  • Maya's role in the case is more significant; she finds a CD containing a recording of de Killer strangling Corrida while trapped in Engarde's house, uses Engarde's recording equipment to make a copy of the disc and leave it behind in a jewel case for police to discover when they eventually search the place, and leaving the card with a sketch of Wright's face inside the jewel case that von Karma takes when she obtains the evidence.
  • As well as breaking down twice in court, Engarde also receives a unique speech bubble: "待ってくれえええ!" (Matte kureeee!). It also happens after he's declared guilty.
  • Unlike the games, the judge declare Matt Engarde guilty (with the word in front of him) and confetti falls. This marks the only time in the whole series when someone is declared guilty and confetti falls.
  • Wright and Maya reunite at the police station, rather than the defendant lobby. Pearl also continues to channel Mia for a while during the reunion to allow Mia to see Maya once again. Butz and Gumshoe later join them and they have their feast in the police station instead of at Viola Hall. Neither Powers nor Edgeworth are present during the feast, as the latter immediately heads for the airport to look for von Karma.
  • Gumshoe's bandages are far more extensive; he is nearly mummified in gauze when he is seen after the car crash.
  • During Edgeworth and von Karma's conversation at the airport, Edgeworth brings up Wright instead of Andrews. He later gives a reassuring smile, after von Karma breaks down crying.
  • Wright's monologue as well as his courtroom reappearance with Edgeworth at the end of Turnabout Goodbyes is shown at the end of this episode in the anime instead.


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