The Federal Firearms Restriction Act was an act enacted by the United States government, sometime prior to March 2019. It restricted the ownership of guns, making it extremely difficult for civilians to own a gun. By 2026, ownership of firearms was considered all but impossible by anyone barring the few who could legally own them, namely law personnel, and the few with the means to acquire them illegally, such as the Kitaki family.

Shooting at a theme park Edit

During the investigation into a murder at Gatewater Land, Shi-Long Lang asserted that only someone who had access to a gun like Officer Meekins could have done it, due to America's strict gun laws. Upon being pressed by Miles Edgeworth, Shih-na reminded Lang that the law was called the "Federal Firearms Restriction Act".

The Kitaki Family Edit

The Kitaki Family, a mob family from Los Angeles, had a number of illegal firearms. Due to it being almost impossible for an average civilian to get a gun, it was asserted that the the pistol used to commit the murder of Pal Meraktis could have only come from the Kitaki Mansion. The family were investigated on charges of the illegal ownership of firearms.

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