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Festival Fever

The upcoming fire festival will be exhilarating, fun-filled, filled with fun, fantastic! You might say it will be funtastic!

"Episode 9: Festival Fever" is the ninth special episode for Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Preparations are under way for Labyrinthia's fire festival, with the Vigilantes helping to set things up.

Festival preparations[]

Maya Fey, Espella Cantabella, Phoenix Wright, Hershel Layton and Luke Triton headed to the town square for the annual fire festival. Cantabella told them that Labrelum Inc. had held a competition for invitations, so people from the mainland would be coming as well. The Vigilantes were helping to organize the event. Included in the upcoming festival was the "Miss Bezella Pageant", in which the one who most embodied Bezella, as determined by a "flammability factor", would be crowned as Miss Bezella.

The group saw Boistrum arguing with Balmung and Lyewood about logistics. They also met Lottalance, who, tired of having no features distinguishing him from the other Vigilantes, tried to change his name to Lonloncelcellotlot, but could not make it stick. Foxy was entering the pageant, though the current favorite was Patty Eclaire. Upon hearing that there were puzzle try-outs, Layton threw his hat into the ring. Boistrum then ordered a roll call, but Wordsmith was napping inside the bell tower.

References to popular culture[]

  • When Shakey describes how nice the day is, he finishes up by saying, "My body is ready." This is a reference to the "my body is ready" meme that originated from a comment by Reggie Fils-Aimé, president of Nintendo of America, during a live demonstration of the fitness game Wii Fit at the company's 2007 E3 press conference.

Special gallery quotes[]

Prologue Witch[]

"This is the Great Witch from the opening. To give her a mysterious aura, the only notable features are the iridescent eye and golden gauntlets."

Prologue Witch Sketches[]

"The Great Witch is really Darklaw, so we've used some subtle cat motifs in her design: cat ears, fur around the neck, claws. I wish she moved more like a cat, too..."

Great Witch[]

"The Great Witch as she appears in Labyrinthia. The idea was that she was seen differently in the opening because of the ink's effects. The golden gauntlets are the same."


"Simple but evoking connotations of sorcery, the eye symbol relates to the fact that Shades were invisible to the townspeople. It also indicates a connection with the Great Witch."


  • Layton recalls that Lyewood had an unconscious desire to usurp Boistrum. This is from optional dialogue in The Final Witch Trial.