Fey clan
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Organization type Family organization
Leader Ami Fey (founder; deceased)
Misty Fey ( - Feb. 2019; deceased)
Maya Fey (current)
Organizational structure Matriarchal, lead by "Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique"
Notable dates Births


  • September 5, 2016: Mia Fey
  • January 2019: Dahlia Hawthorne
  • February 7, 2019: Misty Fey


Status Active
Maya Fey
The Fey family, especially the women, have always been very sensitive to the spirit world.

The Fey clan is a family of spirit mediums who are directly descended from Ami Fey. These mediums are known to utilize the "Kurain Channeling Technique" to call spirits. They are mostly situated in Kurain Village.


According to legend, the Fey family was originally a family known for its service to the gods. The Kurain tradition started long ago with Ami Fey, who migrated from Khura'in to Japan. Ami had the ability to channel spirits, a trait that is exclusive to descendants of the Holy Mother. Ami was so revered by the Fey family that, upon her death, her soul was supposedly sealed within an urn with her name on it. This Sacred Urn became the most precious treasure of Kurain Village, with the people of the Fey clan believing that their spiritual powers would last only as long as her soul remained inside.

When the clan moved to the United States, it became very influential there. Government politicians and other high-ranking officers began to rely on or support the Fey spirit mediums in order to help them reach their political goals, such as the Atishon family. This prestigious reputation would become besmirched, however, due to the DL-6 Incident. The Master at the time, Misty Fey, was accused of being a fraud, and she disappeared for 17 years. The clan's reputation began to recover after the case was finally closed 15 years later.

Kurain Channeling TechniqueEdit

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Family structureEdit

As only the females in the clan are able to inherit the Kurain Channeling Technique, the clan structure is very matriarchal, such that males are rarely ever mentioned. As such, marriages in the clan usually fail, and daughters of the Fey clan generally take on the Fey matronym.

The clan is governed by a Master, who is usually the eldest daughter of the previous Master, and the Master's family is referred to as the main family. The other daughters and sons form what are known as branch families that are forever deemed inferior to the main family and must serve the main family. This has lead to a long history of violent usurpations of the main family. Thus, one branch family exists at Hazakura Temple whose duty is to protect the main family.

The eldest daughter usually becomes the next Master because she has the most spiritual power. However, occasionally, another daughter becomes more spiritually powerful and becomes the Master instead. These instances are particularly shameful for the eldest daughter.

Well-known female members of the Fey clan are also generally referred to using the title "Mystic", including the Master, e.g. Mystic Misty.

Role of malesEdit

No male clan members have ever been mentioned by name, and no information on the males' role in the society has ever been given other than that they usually work outside the village. However, it is noted that due to the matriarchal nature of the Fey clan, many marriages end in failure.


The Fey clan has various kimono dress styles depending on an individual's role in the clan, with the general design of said kimonos having a much shorter hem than is traditional. Usually, the torso and the sleeves are colored two different shades of purple, though notably Morgan Fey had a more elaborate kimono design. In the case of Maya Fey and Pearl Fey, the torso is of the lighter shade, whereas in others the torso is of the darker shade. Each Fey has her own hairstyle, which almost always involves a braid or beads, although notably Mia Fey neither braided her hair nor had beads in it, even while she lived in Kurain Village.

Each member possesses her own magatama, which is worn around the neck. Mia wore her magatama even after becoming a lawyer, and she continued to do so until her death. When Pearl charged Maya's magatama with spiritual energy, it became capable of detecting and breaking Psyche-Locks. The color of the magatama varies with the owner. Each member also wears orbs on necklaces, which represent her training's progress. Iris has only two, Pearl and Maya both have four, although Maya eventually gains two more by the time Wright meets her in Khura'in, and Bikini apparently wears many, although hers are obstructed from view.[1]

The shrine maidens of Hazakura Temple wear white demon-warding hoods that go down to the upper arms. Additionally, their necklaces adorned by large, red flower designs in addition to the usual orbs and magatama. They also wear handless gloves to cover the lower arms.

Known membersEdit

Fey Family

The known members of the Fey clan.

At the turn of the 21st century, the Master of the Technique was Misty Fey, who went missing after the DL-6 Incident. She had an elder sister, Morgan Fey, who tried twice to usurp the main family by framing and then trying to get Misty's younger daughter Maya Fey killed. Misty's elder daughter Mia Fey abandoned the society, choosing not to compete with Maya for the title of Master and to pursue a law career instead. Morgan also has three daughters: Dahlia Hawthorne, Iris and Pearl Fey. Bikini is a member of Hazakura Temple's branch family.

Defense attorney Phoenix Wright has had significant relationships with many of the Fey clan's members. Mia was his mentor, and Maya was his co-counsel and investigative partner. Maya and Pearl often channeled Mia's spirit to give Wright advice. Wright met Dahlia Hawthorne during his university years and developed a romantic relationship with her twin sister Iris, who posed as Hawthorne, and he was soon caught up in a murder because of the true Dahlia Hawthorne. He was later reunited with Iris under her true identity, and met Bikini at Hazakura Temple, which set off another murder plot. Other affiliates and friends of Wright, such as Adrian Andrews, Dick Gumshoe, Franziska von Karma, Miles Edgeworth, and Godot know about the Fey clan and the spiritual power of its members.

Gameplay roleEdit

In the original Phoenix Wright game trilogy, the Fey clan (particularly Maya) plays a major role in the story. Many episodes involve Maya or Pearl channeling Mia to help Wright, although there also are several cases that are notably Fey-centric; namely Turnabout Sisters (Mia is murdered, the Kurain Channeling Technique is introduced, and Maya becomes Wright's assistant), Turnabout Goodbyes (backstory to the DL-6 Incident and Misty's disappearance, as well Maya leaving to continue her spirit medium training), Reunion, and Turnabout (first appearance of Kurain Village, introduction of Morgan, Pearl, the Sacred Urn, and various pieces of backstory about the family and the relationships between members), The Stolen Turnabout (a special exhibit of Kurain treasures at Lordly Tailor and the theft of the Sacred Urn), and Bridge to the Turnabout (the death of Misty Fey, Dahlia Hawthorne and Iris revealed to be Feys, even more Fey family backstory, and Maya becoming the new Master at the resolution).


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