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Owing to the lack of an official translation of the Japan-only Gyakuten Kenji 2, the information and names in this article come from the unofficial English translation patch known as Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth: Prosecutor's Path. More information on this can be found here.

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A fluorescent cloth was a piece of evidence in Gregory and Miles Edgeworth's respective investigations into the murder of Pierre Hoquet, which occurred during Jeffrey Master's Great Dessert Contest.

Dover's murder[]

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Delicia Scones use fluorescent cloths for decorating her entry in the finals of the contest. However, Master confiscated them, as they broke the rule that "no decorations not made of candy are allowed" and kept them in the room that he was using for his own entry, a scene of a ship made of chocolate, including a treasure chest.

Later, when Dane Gustavia killed Isaac Dover, he temporarily hid the body in the chocolate treasure chest while searching for the right time to freeze it. He had covered it with one of the cloths as well.

Later, Gregory added the cloth to the court record after Scones told him about it.

Gustavia's poisoning[]

Main article: The Inherited Turnabout

Prior to the Zodiac Art Gallery's opening, Scones gave Katherine Hall her remaining cloths as a gift.

Later, prior to the rediscovery of Isaac Dover's body, Hall threw the Gemini and Taurus sculptures from the Winter Palace into the stream. Due to buoyancy and the simple fact that the cloth was lighter than the body, the cloth that had been hidden with Dover's body floated up first and was found by Scones.

Later, Edgeworth found four of the cloths in the Autumn Palace, being used to disguise it as the Winter Palace. He later used them to show how Isaac Dover's body was hidden.

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