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Forbidden Chamber
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Forbidden Chamber
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Kyubi Manor Garden
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Fox Chamber

The Forbidden Chamber is where, according to legend, the monstrous yokai Tenma Taro was sealed after being defeated by the Nine-tailed Fox.

A greed-driven murder[]

Main article: The Monstrous Turnabout

In reality, "Tenma Taro" was nothing more than a large gold ingot which the original founders of Tenma Town and Nine-Tails Vale fought over, which led to it being sealed away in the chamber and the legend of Tenma Taro being thought up to keep people away. Florent L'Belle, personal aide to the Tenma Town mayor Damian Tenma, gained knowledge of this truth and schemed to get his hands on the ingot, due to his extravagant spending leading to him being deeply in debt.

L'Belle's first idea was to anonymously blackmail his employer into forcing a merger of Tenma Town and Nine-Tails Vale (thus giving him easy access to the chamber) by threatening to harm his daughter, Jinxie Tenma. Damian publicly campaigned for the merger, but in secret took on the identity of professional wrestler "The Amazing Nine-Tails" and rallied the inhabitants of Nine-Tails Vale against L'Belle's plot.

Foiled, L'Belle decided to try a more direct approach. While Damian and the alderman of Nine-Tails Vale, Rex Kyubi, were having a private meeting in the Fox Chamber, L'Belle drugged their coffee and then proceeded to murder Kyubi with a spear and frame Damian for the deed. However, Damian's defense attorney, Apollo Justice, managed to find a hole in L'Belle's alibi, and the aide was subsequently brought into court to testify on the witness stand, as he had been refusing to do so before. Justice's cross-examinations revealed more holes, until L'Belle's crime was finally exposed and he broke down on the stand, and Damian Tenma's name was cleared.