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There's this general practice we do on another wiki, and that is putting, in a short but sufficely descriptive way, how/by whom a character was killed. For instance (PWAA1 spoilers, I highly doubt I have to warn here)...:

Cindy Block - Bludgeoned by Frank Sahwit

Mia Fey - Bludgeoned by Redd White

Robert Hammond - Shot by Yani Yogi

So for instance, Mia Fey's current "Deceased" box in her character infobox reads "Deceased (Sept. 5, 2016)" - With this change, it would then read "Deceased (Sept. 5, 2016) - Bludgeoned by Redd White"

We would be of limited description of the death; any form of shooting (regardless of shot placement or number of shots) would read "Shot by...", stabbing would be "Stabbed by..." and so on.

Would want community consensus before starting to make the changes. I think this would add detail to the pages. What would you guys think?SuperbowserX (talk) 04:05, March 21, 2016 (UTC)

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