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Song lyrics16:41, April 17, 2020Diagnosed
Episodes, cases, incidents21:54, December 27, 2019Capefeather
Modernizing infoboxes01:15, December 3, 2018Capefeather
Shocked sprite for 13 year old franziska14:38, March 7, 201891.156.68.147
Notability of events10:38, December 20, 2017Bluebully
Redesigning the main page22:45, July 24, 2017Strabo412
Sprites04:50, June 9, 2017JTonFire96
Ace Attorney Roleplay13:42, June 7, 2017DTerra117
Jack and Jill17:19, March 20, 2017Whitehorse24
DL-602:39, March 16, 2017Whitehorse24
Infoboxes22:56, November 23, 2016Strabo412
Idea for character infoboxes22:17, March 28, 2016Strabo412
Putting Death Causes on character pages04:05, March 21, 2016SuperbowserX
Welcome messages and spoilers23:44, January 5, 2016.jun
Some stuff that really needs a conclusion22:54, September 2, 2014Strabo412
Character Profiles20:40, July 28, 2014Strabo412
Character Articles16:33, May 28, 2014Sligneris
Notion03:33, May 15, 2014SuperbowserX
Have a suggestion for the Wikia, can someone validate it?02:26, February 15, 2014SuperbowserX
Name of this song or is this an unlisted piece?17:35, February 8, 2014Strabo412
How do we know the time difference between...08:55, January 31, 2014213.158.216.164
Why did... *spoiler*10:07, January 28, 2014Strabo412
In the original PWAA, what does it mean by...16:43, December 17, 2013Strabo412
New Character Template!21:41, July 19, 2013Strabo412
So... How did Zak Gramarye disappear?18:38, June 28, 2013Strabo412
In Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney's 2nd case (Turnabout Corner)...19:02, June 8, 2013Strabo412
Who'se the admin20:46, September 10, 2008Ruan Right
Welcome to the watercooler06:15, November 4, 2007Default
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