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Why in the world did Mia Fey write her own sister's name in blood on a receipt in Turnabout Sisters? I don't remember this puzzling detail being explained...

For the same reason Neil Marshall wrote Ema Skye's name in Rise from the Ashes, Dustin Prince wrote Maggey Byrde's in The Lost Turnabout, Misty Fey wrote Maya Fey's in Bridge to the Turnabout, Buddy Faith wrote Dick Gumshoe's in Turnabout Visitor, and Candice Arme wrote Juniper Woods' in Turnabout Countdown; she didn't:
Mia Fey
You have that Receipt in the court record, right?
Phoenix Wright
Um... oh, yeah! The one you wrote "Maya" on...?
Mia Fey
Phoenix! White wrote that, not me!
- Strabo412 (talk) 10:07, January 28, 2014 (UTC)
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