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Fox Chamber
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Forbidden Chamber

The Fox Chamber of Nine-Tails Vale's Kyubi Manor contains the large ominous doors that lead to the Forbidden Chamber where the evil Tenma Taro is said to dwell. The room became a crime scene after Alderman Rex Kyubi was murdered here.

A locked-room murder[]

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In April 2027, during the annual festival at Nine-Tails Vale, Florent L'Belle, the aide of the mayor of Tenma Town, Damian Tenma, planned to murder Alderman Kyubi and steal the gold ingot kept within the Forbidden Chamber. During a meeting between Kyubi and Damian in the Fox Chamber, L'Belle brought them coffee laced with a sleeping drug. Once both the mayor and alderman were out cold, L'Belle took a spear from the wall and impaled Kyubi through the chest with it, then bludgeoned Damian with a statue in order to make it seem like he had killed Kyubi and the alderman had struck back before dying.

L'Belle, wearing the Amazing Nine-Tails' mask, tricking Jinxie with a false confession.

Knowing that Damian had a secret identity as the masked wrestler, the Amazing Nine-Tails, L'Belle then set in motion a plan to further frame Damian for the crime. After dragging the unconscious mayor into the Forbidden Chamber, L'Belle put on some of Damian's spare clothes and the Amazing Nine-Tails' mask, then took the mayor's place in his armchair and let out a scream, which caused Damian's daughter Jinxie, who was a maid at the manor, to come rushing to the scene. Seeing the Amazing Nine-Tails collapsed there, Jinxie believed it to be her father, and did not remove the mask as it was considered dishonorable for a wrestler to have his mask removed. L'Belle, in his disguise as Damian Tenma, then provided Jinxie with a false confession: "Forgive me, Jinxie. I killed Alderman Kyubi."

After Jinxie left to call the police, L'Belle opened the Forbidden Chamber again to return the mayor to his seat. In the meantime, however, the manor's caretaker Phineas Filch had snuck into the Forbidden Chamber through a different route while disguised as Tenma Taro, in his own plan to steal the gold ingot. As L'Belle opened the door, Filch came running out of the Forbidden Chamber and through the Fox Chamber, leaving a trail of black feathers and tracks in his wake, and darted past Jinxie in the hallway as she returned from making her phone call. With all potential witnesses accounted for, L'Belle dragged Damian back to the armchair and threw the Amazing Nine-Tails' mask out the window, then completed the ruse by locking the Fox Chamber from outside and throwing the key back inside through the air vent in the hallway, making it seem as though it had been locked from the inside. L'Belle then left the manor.

Justice walking into the crime scene.

Jinxie, meanwhile, had returned to the festival grounds to warn everyone, including the defense attorney Apollo Justice, who had accompanied Jinxie's friend Trucy Wright to the village. Justice rushed to the crime scene to find the alderman dead on a table and the mayor collapsed in the armchair, fitting with what Jinxie believed to have seen and leaving no one the wiser about L'Belle's involvement.

When Damian was accused of the crime and arrested, Justice took his case. Returning to the Fox Chamber to investigate with his junior partner, Athena Cykes, Justice found several pieces of evidence within, such as a patch of fur that had gotten caught in the window when L'Belle threw the mask through it, as well as the secret mechanism to open the Forbidden Chamber. All this eventually allowed Justice to prove in court that L'Belle had been the one who killed Kyubi.


The left side of the room, showing the folding screen.

The right side of the room, with the window through which L'Belle threw the Amazing Nine-Tails' mask.

  • The door to the Forbidden Chamber contains a keyhole which is not normally visible, and is revealed by activating a secret mechanism in the Fox Chamber. In order for the keyhole to appear, one must turn the two fox statues so they are facing each other. The folding screen in the Fox Chamber contains a clue to this mechanism: on the back of the screen, there are two pairs of pictures, one depicting keys and the other keyholes. If the screen is folded so as to have the keys and keyholes overlap, the foxes depicted on the front will be facing each other.
  • Among the contents of the Fox Chamber, there are several awards won by Kyubi during his career as a professional wrestler, a collection of antique weapons – one of which was the spear used to murder Kyubi – and several statues of yokai. One of these, located behind the door, was found broken by Justice during his investigation, having been possibly broken by Jinxie as she opened the door when rushing to the scene.