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Franziska von Karma
Tsk, tsk, tsk. Mr. Phoenix Wright. I grow tired of the foolish foolery of the foolish fools of this foolish country...

Franziska von Karma is a prosecuting attorney and the daughter of the late veteran prosecutor Manfred von Karma. She was the prosecutor for two of Phoenix Wright's cases, as well as an acting prosecutor for the trial of Iris of Hazakura Temple. She also aided Interpol in their investigation into an international smuggling ring, as well as another investigation into a black market auction. Although she generally speaks in a formal tone, to the point of addressing everyone by their full names, she also constantly uses the word "fool" and variations thereof to insult others. She is also known to carry a whip (a riding crop when she was younger) with her at all times, which she will often use on just about everybody who displeases her with very little provocation, including the judge himself.

Early life & career

Phoenix Wright
Th-Th-Thirteen!? The kid became a prosecutor at the age of THIRTEEN!?
Manfred Trial

Prosecutor Manfred von Karma.

Franziska von Karma was born to the infamous undefeated prosecutor Manfred von Karma. Her father began mentoring an orphaned Miles Edgeworth, whom she came to view as a rival and "little brother".[3] However, Edgeworth would leave "[her] alone and [walk] on ahead without [her]", causing Franziska to resent him.[4] During her years at elementary school, Franziska would always wind up going to her previous year's classroom on the first day.

Feeling overwhelming pressure from her father's reputation as a "perfect" prosecutor, Franziska started her legal studies in Germany at a very young age, and by the age of 13, she was set to pass the bar exam. She took a vacation to the United States, during which she went to the District Court to watch Edgeworth prosecute his first case, but the trial was canceled when Mack Rell and Byrne Faraday, the defendant and prosecutor, respectively, were found dead in a defendant lobby.

Byrne and Rell 1

The corpses of Byrne Faraday & Mack Rell.

Manfred put the two of them in charge of the subsequent investigation, much to the dismay of detective Tyrell Badd, who was supposed to have been a witness in the trial as an expert on the notorious Great Thief Yatagarasu. Franziska told Edgeworth that they would compete to find the killer first, and Edgeworth played along. Upon investigating the crime scene, Franziska and Edgeworth argued about the order of events, with Edgeworth arguing that the evidence didn't make sense with the assumption that the victims had killed each other. Franziska then followed Edgeworth as he questioned the various individuals tied with the trial until Edgeworth confronted Calisto Yew as the killer and the Yatagarasu. However, Yew shot at them and escaped from the courthouse, with Detective Badd vowing to catch her.

Franziska started her prosecuting career shortly after this incident. Compounded with her perfect record up to her arrival in America, she earned a reputation as "the Prodigy".

Encounters with Phoenix Wright

Franziska von Karma
I gave up a promising career in Germany and came to this country for one sole reason. Revenge.

Phoenix Wright.

As 2017 was starting, Franziska von Karma suddenly lost two of the people closest to her. Her father took on a case against Phoenix Wright with Edgeworth as the defendant. This resulted in Manfred himself being exposed as the true culprit behind the DL-6 Incident, the murder of Edgeworth's father. Edgeworth himself "chose death" and disappeared two months later, having lost to Wright three times. Franziska traveled to Los Angeles to face Wright in court; if she won, she would have beaten a lawyer that Edgeworth could not, getting her revenge for being "left behind".

First encounter

Franziska von Karma
Foolish fool who foolishly dreams of foolish dreams... Ten minutes. I give the defense ten minutes before it changes its plea. That's right. I'll have you running for the "justified self-defense" plea in no time.

Franziska first faced Wright in the trial of Maya Fey, who had been accused of the murder of Turner Grey during a spirit channeling at Kurain Village. As the trial started, she mocked Wright and suggested that he change his plea to justified self-defense, but Wright did not bite. Eventually, when she was revealed to have manipulated the witness testimony, Wright quickly condemned her for being no different from her ruthless father.

Franziska proved to be quite a formidable opponent for Wright, even having researched the Kurain Channeling Technique to strengthen her case. She was even willing to break established evidence law so as to show an incriminating picture that strengthened her case to the judge. Wright, sensing her grudge towards him, told her that winning would not bring her father back. Ultimately, she could not best Wright, and she experienced her first defeat. Annoyed by her antics during the trial, Wright taunted her offhandedly about his victory over her and how her defeat would be broadcast all over the world. Furious, Franziska whipped Wright, the judge, and Mimi Miney once, and attacked Wright with her whip until he fell unconscious.

Next confrontation

Main article: Turnabout Big Top
Franziska von Karma
You have no chance. Zero. Zilch. Nada. I'm not losing this case! Why, you ask? Because it is not in the nature of a Von Karma to lose at anything!!
Maya Fey
I guess being born with the name Von Karma is a free pass to be arrogant and annoying.

By the time of their next courtroom battle, Franziska had concluded that her previous loss had been a fluke and "did not count". She made her intentions known to Wright, blaming him for Edgeworth's disappearance. She knew that Detective Dick Gumshoe was trying to help Wright in his investigations, so she planted a tracking device on him to prevent him from doing so. She found Wright talking to and taking evidence from a witness, Acro, and took said evidence for herself. Gumshoe later suggested a surprise search of Acro's room, which Franziska conducted; this ended up costing her the case, as Acro, who turned out to be the real killer, had been forced to hide his murder weapon underneath his wheelchair to avoid discovery during the raid, and had thus taken it with him to court. Wright figured this out, leading to another loss for Franziska von Karma.

Return of Edgeworth

Franziska von Karma
You pathetic fool! I don't want to hear the wretched whimpering of a disgraced loser! A Von Karma is someone who is destined to be perfect! Miles Edgeworth... You are no longer worthy! You are no longer worthy of being a Von Karma! And neither am I!

Franziska was now even more determined to defeat Wright in their next trial together. A famous actor, Juan Corrida, had been murdered, and another actor, Matt Engarde, had been accused. During their investigations, however, Miles Edgeworth returned to the Criminal Affairs Department to discover Wright and Franziska arguing about whether the latter prosecuted only to win. His appearance angered them both, with Franziska calling him a coward.

Franziska later spoke to a witness, Adrian Andrews, telling her not to testify about her involvement in tampering with the crime scene. However, before the trial, Franziska was shot in the shoulder and taken to the Hotti Clinic, while Edgeworth took her place as prosecutor. In addition, telling Andrews to refuse to testify worked against the prosecution, as Wright tried to name her as the real killer. Edgeworth emotionally broke Andrews in order to force her to talk, which resulted in new information that delayed the verdict until the next day.


Bursting into the courtroom with decisive evidence.

At the Hotti Clinic, Wright visited Franziska with a bouquet of tulips. However, when she asked what Wright was doing with the bouquet, he panicked. During the next day's trial, she heard that Gumshoe had gotten into a car crash trying to deliver crucial evidence, and took it upon herself to deliver said evidence to court instead. Although the evidence ended up clinching the guilty verdict, after the trial, she was shocked to find that Wright was happy, despite experiencing his first loss in court. Unknown to Franziska, her shooter had kidnapped Maya Fey and had been blackmailing Wright into getting an acquittal for Engarde, who he knew was guilty of the crime. The evidence had turned the shooter against Engarde, thereby ending Maya's imprisonment.

Edgeworth explained that he had disappeared in order to find out what being a prosecutor truly meant, and that his answer was simply to find the truth. Furious at Edgeworth and overwhelmed by her own losses, Franziska stormed out of the courtroom, leaving her whip behind. Edgeworth followed her to the airport and returned the whip, reminding her that she was still a prosecutor and that she would understand someday what that really meant. He added that, if she quit prosecuting, he would keep going forward and wouldn't wait for her. With tears in her eyes, Franziska vowed to become a better prosecutor and to face Wright in court again when she came back. She left the country with that vow in mind, taking a piece of evidence from the case with her: one of Shelly de Killer’s calling cards over which Maya had drawn an image of Wright. She said that she would give it to the defense attorney the next time they met, but has made no mention of it since.

Return to America


In a sketch by Larry Butz.

One year after Engarde's conviction, Franziska was appointed as an acting prosecutor to another case with Wright, and she returned to America for another chance to defeat him. The case involved the murder of a children's book illustrator, Elise Deauxnim, with a temple nun named Iris as the accused. However, instead of Wright, she saw Edgeworth at the defense's bench. Shocked at first, she quickly recovered to see this as her chance to prove herself as Edgeworth's better directly. The presiding judge tried to confiscate her whip, but Edgeworth asked him to allow her to keep it.

Edgeworth and Franziska argued about the strange circumstances in which the murder victim had supposedly been killed. In addition, witness Larry Butz claimed to have seen Iris flying across a burning bridge. Using a crystal that had fallen from the victim's staff far from the apparent scene of the crime, Edgeworth convinced the court that the murder had happened somewhere else, and the trial was adjourned. Franziska was infuriated with her failure to defeat Edgeworth, and blamed Butz for this failure, whipping him into unconsciousness just like she had done to Wright a year ago. Undeterred, Butz tried to get her to model for his picture book, "Franzy's Whip Lash Splash: Simple & Magnificent" (later changed to "Franzy's Whippity-Whip Trip"), something she (violently) refused to do. Butz would manage to eventually publish the book.

Franziska decided to follow Wright, who had been incapacitated that day and recovered after the trial, in his investigation. They met Pearl Fey, Maya's cousin, who harshly told off Franziska for her behavior towards Maya in her trial. This left Franziska speechless and visibly hurt, although she quickly recovered enough to whip Wright when she caught him smirking at her situation. They also met Godot, the prosecutor who was supposed to have taken the case. He treated Franziska with disdain, telling her to know her place as an acting prosecutor, as the case belonged to him.

Accompanying Wright, Franziska learned of a plot to murder Maya Fey by channeling Iris's deceased sister, Dahlia Hawthorne. It was also revealed that Elise Deauxnim was actually the long-lost Master of the Fey clan, Misty Fey. Among Franziska's contributions was to stay awake all night to open the trick locks at the Inner Temple and rescue "Iris", who would become a key witness in the final day of trial. Godot vowed to defeat Wright, but he lost in court, after being implicated as the real killer. Wright acknowledged that, without the help of Edgeworth and Franziska, the case would have been lost.

Aiding Interpol

The smuggling ring

Main articles: Turnabout Airlines & Turnabout Ablaze
Smuggling ring card

The smuggling ring's card.

Franziska went on to assist Interpol in its investigation of an international smuggling ring. One of the ring's major activities involved smuggling Babahlese ink to Zheng Fa to make fake currency there. Her investigation took her to Hope Springs Airport in the wake of the murder of Akbey Hicks, the agent she was supposed to be aiding. At first she believed that Edgeworth, who was on the plane that Hicks was on, was the killer, but Edgeworth quickly refuted her accusation, which shifted the blame onto flight attendant Rhoda Teneiro. She allowed him to question Teneiro and investigate the cargo hold of the plane, which turned out to be the crime scene. Edgeworth determined that another attendant, Cammy Meele, had pushed Hicks over a railing to his death. Using Franziska's phone to download details from Hicks's phone, whose screen had been broken during the fall, Edgeworth found decisive clues leading to Meele's arrest.

Franziska's next mission from Interpol sent her to the embassies of Allebahst and Babahl, along with another agent, Shi-Long Lang, to serve as part of the security contingent for a goodwill event happening in the joint building, as the notorious Yatagarasu had threatened to steal a terrible secret from the embassies. Franziska watched as Allebahst's ambassador, Quercus Alba, prepared to give a speech in the rose garden of the Allebahstian Embassy, but the Yatagarasu's shadow suddenly appeared, throwing the audience into an uproar. Franziska tried to catch this figure, whipping anyone she could, but the shadow disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared. Shortly afterward, Alba summoned Franziska to his office to have a friendly talk. Meanwhile, the Yatagarasu was also sighted in Babahl, and two fires erupted on that side. Shortly afterward, the embassies were embroiled in an investigation of two murders, one at each embassy.

Edgeworth happened to be in the embassy, seeking to catch the Yatagarasu. He offered to placed himself under Franziska's authority to gain investigative privileges, which she enthusiastically accepted; the opportunity to have her "little brother" working under her was far too good of an opportunity to pass up. The victim on the Babahlese side, Ambassador Colias Palaeno's assistant Manny Coachen, was found to have been a part of the smuggling ring, and it was presumed that he was the leader. The victim on the Allebahstian side, a thief named Ka-Shi Nou, was found to have been killed with the Primidux Statue in the Allebahstian ambassador's office. The statue had in fact been switched with an identical-looking statue in Babahl; it was later revealed that the statue originally on the Babahlese side was the real one.

Edgeworth and Franziska then investigated the rose garden and determined that an accomplice to the Yatagarasu had set up two statues in the garden so that spotlights would shine on them and form the shadow seen earlier. Edgeworth then returned to the Babahlese side for further investigation. He, Franziska, and Lang met at the Theatrum Neutralis between the embassies to discuss Edgeworth's findings. Edgeworth pointed to Lang's aide Shih-na as the arsonist in the Babahlese embassy, and after questioning, she was revealed to be the woman who had gone by the alias "Calisto Yew" from many years before. However, as she was being taken into custody, "Shih-na" told Edgeworth that she had not murdered anyone at the embassy, and that the rest was for him to figure out.

Quercus Alba then tried to declare the investigation over, since the apparent culprit of all of the events that had unfolded had been caught, but Lang then suddenly accused Franziska of the murder of Ka-Shi Nou. He requested that Alba allow him to investigate Alba's office again to solidify his case, which Alba was obliged to grant. After questioning Franziska about her visit to the office, Edgeworth eventually figured out that Alba had been Shih-na's partner in crime and the true leader of the smuggling ring. At this point, Lang admitted that his accusation had been a ploy all along, so that he could get to his real target, Alba. However, Alba wouldn't surrender that easily; he admitted to killing Ka-Shi Nou out of self-defense, showing a wound that he claimed Nou had inflicted on him. Because of his position as an ambassador, he had the right to be tried in his own country's courts; America's prosecutors could not touch him.

However, the investigation team didn't give up. Franziska did her part by digging up the security footage of people entering each embassy, which proved that Coachen had not left the Theatrum Neutralis alive. The next confrontation with Alba had Edgeworth prove Alba's guilt of Coachen's murder piece by piece, with the aid of several other individuals in the area and Lang contacting the Allebahstian imperial household to have Alba's ambassadorship revoked. Alba was subsequently tried in both the United States and the newly-reunited Cohdopia, with Edgeworth and Franziska at each respective prosecutor's bench, and Alba was finally convicted for his crimes. After the trials, Franziska chose to stay in the Cohdopian courts for a while to give her whip new vigor.

Black market auction

This article contains information about Ace Attorney media that has been released only in Japan.

The information in this article comes from a game, demo, or other media that has been released in Japan, but not in any predominantly English-speaking country. The subject of this article has not been officially revealed for English versions of this media. English versions of this content are only available through unofficial translations. More information on this can be found here.

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The black market auction's secret warehouse.

After the Alba case, Franziska returned from Cohdopia to the United States. Still working on Interpol's behalf to hunt down the remnants of the smuggling ring, her investigation led her to a black market auction of police evidence being held at the Grand Tower. When Jill Crane was found murdered in the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee's (P.I.C.) meeting room, Franziska was put in charge of the investigation. She headed to the crime scene and found Edgeworth and Kay Faraday, as well as the coroner, Bonnie Young.

Later, Verity Gavèlle and Eustace Winner arrived, and they ended up arguing with Edgeworth about the case. Franziska had no qualms with giving her opinions on Eustace's competence using both her words and her whip. Eventually, Eustace's father Blaise, the chair of the P.I.C., showed up and tried to force Faraday's arrest for the murder. Edgeworth intervened despite threats of being fired and, to everyone's shock, laid down his prosecutor's badge, saying that he would not be stopped from finding the truth. Faraday then ran from the meeting room, and Edgeworth chased after her.

Franziska was upset that Edgeworth would just quit and leave her behind again, and told him as much later that day when he took a secret lift to the meeting room from the floor above; Edgeworth had found a hidden storage room for the auctioned evidence on the floor right above the meeting room. After a discussion on the matter, it was determined that Crane had been a customer, and that the conductor of the auction was still at large. Blaise then found them and, despite protests from Franziska and others, had both Edgeworth and Faraday thrown in jail.

Edgeworth had a hearing with the P.I.C. the next day, which he used to launch an accusation against Blaise as the man behind the auctions and the murder. During the meeting, Dick Gumshoe asked for an updated autopsy report on the victim, and handed it over to Franziska, who went to the hearing to present it. It turned out that the original autopsy report had been altered by Young's granddaughter Karin Jenson, who was being blackmailed by Blaise. The murder weapon was never found, but with the surprise help of Gavèlle, Edgeworth was able to prove that Blaise was indeed guilty. Upon realizing that his father was a criminal, Eustace ran away. Franziska sympathized with him, knowing the pain of realizing her father's true nature.

Eustace's disappearance

Main article: The Grand Turnabout
This article contains information about Ace Attorney media that has been released only in Japan.

The information in this article comes from a game, demo, or other media that has been released in Japan, but not in any predominantly English-speaking country. The subject of this article has not been officially revealed for English versions of this media. English versions of this content are only available through unofficial translations. More information on this can be found here.

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Eustace was not found in time for the trial of Patricia Roland, who was charged with murder after a previous investigation by Edgeworth. Crane was supposed to be Roland's defense attorney, but Eddie Fender took her place. Franziska offered to fill in for Eustace, but when the trial started, she found out that the evidence against Roland had gone missing. Fender convinced Gavèlle to suspend the trial instead of ending it in an acquittal.

Edgeworth arrived at the courthouse and, after learning of the situation, had both Fender and Franziska agree to stall the trial while he looked for Eustace. He found the young prosecutor bound and gagged in his father's garage. Edgeworth learned that Eustace had given the evidence against Roland to his father for safekeeping, and that Blaise had probably thrown it away. Eustace suddenly ran away, leaving Franziska and Fender with little choice other than to go with the few leads that they had. Edgeworth found out that Roland and Blaise had a connection from 12 years ago, and so Fender summoned Blaise to the stand.

Eustace eventually returned to the courtroom with evidence. It turned out that he had gone to look for the evidence that Blaise had thrown away in the junkyard. Franziska graciously gave the prosecutor's bench back to him and watched from the gallery as he and Edgeworth proved that Blaise had thrown away the evidence. The trial was thus adjourned, with Blaise officially losing all of his authority.

Just then, however, Lang arrived to take in Gavèlle for questioning. Upon seeing Roland and Blaise, he mentioned them finally getting justice for what they had done during the SS-5 Incident. Franziska and Fender decided to investigate said case, and it turned out that Blaise had been in charge of it. They brought the case files to Edgeworth and Lang so that they could re-investigate. Afterward, Franziska accompanied Edgeworth and supported him in the final confrontation with the mastermind behind all the recent events that Edgeworth had encountered.


Franziska von Karma
Enough out of you... One more word and you'll get a mouthful of whip. Now. When did I ever bring up my papa's name in this, or any other conversation...?


Franziska's outward personality largely stems from being constantly compared to her father, not helped by her often using dubious methods in court herself. However, she tends to resent this comparison, and seeks to win for her own sake. In fact, her conception of perfection is markedly different from her father's. Manfred viewed victory as his singular goal, eschewing anything else that would get in the way of finishing his trials as quickly and efficiently as possible. In contrast, Franziska aims for a "perfect" victory, allowing the pursuit of every line of reasoning that the defense could possibly come up with, the end goal being to crush every possibility. As long as she never lost, this really made no difference to her, as she was able to conflate the two approaches in her mind. Her losses to Phoenix Wright and Edgeworth's return, however, forced her to change her outlook and really think about what being a prosecutor meant to her.

Franziska generally comes off as very unrelenting, cold, and headstrong, and tends to view trials and investigations as competitions. This has garnered her a certain reputation as a "megalomaniac" and a "wild mare". Outside of the "competition" of a trial, however, she is, at her core, fiercely determined. Even when she is forcibly taken off a case, her willingness to go to great lengths to see it through remains. Through her ordeals in America, she has been able to develop somewhat friendly relationships with those whom she had considered her enemies and incompetent obstacles. She has even been able to investigate alongside Wright himself, perhaps relating to him through their near-perfect win records and their shared connection to Edgeworth.

Franziska likes to use her whip to assert dominance, easily compensating for her smaller stature and age. She once commented that it seems to have a mind of its own after suddenly whipping Gumshoe. She later whipped him again, claiming that it was her "reward" to him. The whip is notable for revealing much of her attitudes toward others and herself, as well as being a metaphor for Franziska herself. She abandoned it while trying to run away from her life, and her one public emotional breakdown occurred as Edgeworth was giving it back to her. Pearl Fey also told Franziska that she was simply a little girl without it. She has also befriended Adrian Andrews and taught her how to use the whip.


  • Japanese - Mei Karuma (狩魔 冥):
    • "Mei" (冥) can mean "dark", "gloomy", or "night".
    • "Karuma" (狩魔) in pronunciation terms is the Japanese transliteration for "karma". In kanji terms, "karu ma" (狩 魔) means "a demon who hunts".
  • English - Franziska von Karma:
    • "Franziska" is the female form of "Franz", the German equivalent of "Francis", which comes from the Germanic tribal name of the Franks, and means roughly "frank" (as in open/honest) or "free". It was probably chosen to match the Germanic influence of her father's name.
    • "Karma" likely comes from the bad karma her father had built up over the years from his questionable tactics. "Von" is a German preposition which approximately means "of" or "from". Also, German names containing a "von" are usually names of aristocrats.


  • Brazilian Portuguese - Franziska von Karma:
    • No change from the western version.
  • Russian - Franziska Karma (Fan-translation by Dant):[5]
    • Only the preposition "von" is missing.



  • Franziska has short silver-blue hair. She wears a black dress with blue gems and yellow decals, long, puffy white sleeves with blue gems, black gloves that go to her wrist, brown thigh-high stockings, black ankle boots, blue dangly earrings, and a white bow on her chest with a blue gem in the center. She also has a beauty mark underneath her left eye.
  • The 13-year-old Franziska seen in Turnabout Reminiscence and "Sound the Turnabout Melody" has longer hair. She wears a long black coat with yellow decals and blue buttons over white pants. She also has black gloves that go to her wrists, black knee-high boots, and a white jabot around her neck with a blue gem in the center.
  • Franziska has some animations that are similar to her father's, including one in which she crosses her arms with her eyes closed while every so often clenching her hand.
    • Like her father, Franziska was also shot in the right shoulder. However, unlike Manfred, she had the bullet removed. In a parallel, Manfred was shot just after a trial whereas Franziska was shot just before one.

Other family

In Turnabout Goodbyes, Manfred von Karma makes a reference to a seven-year-old granddaughter with a dog named Phoenix. According to the Gyakuten Saiban 2 Shinsō Manual, Franziska has an older sister who is the mother of said granddaughter.[1]

  • The original Japanese script of Turnabout Goodbyes only refers to a grandchild, not specifying the gender.[1]
  • Tatsuro Iwamoto has said that there is a rejected rough sketch of Godot that he thinks of as Franziska's older brother and the grandchild's father. He once told this to Takumi, who ignored him.[1][7]

Differences in portrayals

Franziska's portrayal in the Ace Attorney Investigations games is somewhat of a departure from her portrayals in Trilogy-related media. In Trilogy portrayals, she rarely whips Edgeworth, but in the Investigations games, she is much more prone to whipping him.

Other media

  • Franziska, Mia Fey, Phoenix Wright, and Miles Edgeworth all appear as Character Cards in SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS.
  • Franziska was originally supposed to be a playable character in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars, along with Wright and possibly other characters from the Ace Attorney series. The game's producer, Ryota Niitsuma, noted that having a whip would have made her easy to implement. However, problems with Wright's character prevented both of them from making the cut.[8]
  • In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Wright has a number of alternative costumes he can wear, the color schemes of which are all references to other characters. Maya Fey appears as some of Wright's attacks and her costume also changes depending on the one Wright is wearing. One of the choices for Wright is based on the color scheme of Dick Gumshoe's normal clothing, while Maya's corresponding color scheme is based on that of Franziska's clothing. She also appears, along with Miles Edgeworth and Godot, as cards in the game's "Heroes and Heralds Mode".
  • Franziska appears as a character in Onimusha Soul, a social strategy RPG for online browsers and smartphones developed by Capcom and only released in Japan. Maya Fey and Kay Faraday also appear in the game.


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