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Gale Gaelic was an assassin who was invited aboard the Silver Star special express train to serve as a witness in the retrial of Avery Richman.

The conspiracyEdit

In 2017, Gaelic was hired by the United States Commerce Council to assassinate Benjamin Cashanova as part of a co-conspiracy with the Attorney's Office to deport Goldstruck Republic multimillionaire Avery Richman by framing him for the crime. Masquerading as a waiter at a year-end ceremony, Gaelic—sporting an injured hand—spilled a tray of champagne onto one of the partygoers, which spurred Richman to find napkins in the corner of the room. Gaelic followed him and dropped his tray a second time to attract the partygoers' attention, and then discreetly shot Cashanova dead in the middle of his speech, leaving Richman to take the blame. Attorney's Office member Tristan Turnbull subsequently bribed Gaelic into keeping quiet, concealing the assassin's involvement in the case and resulting in Richman's conviction.


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The following year, Gaelic was invited aboard the maiden voyage of Richman's self-funded special express train, the Silver Star, as a tenant of the first car's Chrysantheum Room. To his surprise, Turnbull was one of his neighbors aboard the same car, which prompted Gaelic to blackmail him into raising the original bribe. Seeing an opportunity to silence Gaelic forever, however, Turnbull lured him into one of the rooms aboard the third car while it was empty during dinnertime, and then murdered him with a knife and hid his corpse above the ceiling tiles.

Unbeknownst to the two men, they and several other passengers were summoned by Richman himself to participate in a repeat of his original murder trial. To divert attention away from Gaelic's hiding spot, Turnbull arranged for car attendant Rick Steam to impersonate Gaelic's corpse in the Chrysantheum Room before the trial could begin, and then move himself while the passengers were distracted to create the illusion of Gaelic's disappearance. Midway through the trial, however, a bolt of lightning struck the train and dislodged the real body from the ceiling to be discovered by Dick Gumshoe and Regina Locomoti. This event, coupled with Phoenix Wright's defense of Richman and Miles Edgeworth's investigation of the case, ultimately helped unravel Gaelic and Turnbull's roles in the case.


  • His name is an alliteration of the words "gale", meaning "strong wind", and "Gaelic", a Celtic language that is widely used in Ireland.
  • His given name might be a reference to the character Gail from Dino Crisis, a Capcom video game co-designed by Shu Takumi, where Regina Locomoti and Rick Steam also derive their names and designs from.

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