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Gatewater Group
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Organization type Corporation
CEO Unknown
Organizational structure Unknown
Affiliated groups Gatewater Hotel
Gatewater Imperial Hotel
Gatewater Land
Police Department
Notable dates 2016: A murder is staged from the Gatewater Hotel. The hotel becomes very successful from the ensuing publicity
2018: The Gatewater Imperial Hotel hosts the Hero of Heroes Grand Prix. Juan Corrida is murdered at the hotel.
2019: A murder occurs at the Gatewater Land theme park.
Status Presumably active

The Gatewater Group is a corporation that owns at least two hotels and a theme park. Its reputation began to grow when a murder was witnessed from one of the windows of the Gatewater Hotel, with the murderer and his accomplice staying in one of the rooms. The fame that they gained was so great that they were soon able to open the far grander Gatewater Imperial Hotel, within which was held the 2018 Hero of Heroes Grand Prix, although another murder took place in this new hotel also. Later still, the Gatewater Land theme park was opened. The park was created with collaboration from the Los Angeles police department, which allowed the Gatewater Group to use its mascot, the Blue Badger (along with the Proto Badger, Pink Badger and Bad Badger) in this new endeavour. Unfortunately, a murder was committed at this park as well. In essence, at least one murder happened at each one of the known Gatewater locations.

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