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Gatewater Hotel
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There is a giant building just outside the window. It's the Gatewater Hotel, a high-class, luxury hotel. Until recently, it had been a normal, business-class hotel.

The Gatewater Hotel is an expensive hotel in Los Angeles, located opposite the Wright Anything Agency in such a way that the inside of the Agency can be seen from the windows of some hotel rooms. This allowed April May to witness Mia Fey's murder from her suite. After the murder case, a bellboy who had testified during the trial took over management of the hotel. Strangely enough, he has since delivered room service to Edgeworth's office and played the role of the Proto Badger in Gatewater Land.

The aforementioned bellboy claimed in 2016 that the Gatewater Hotel had been in business for four generations.[1] Iced coffee at the hotel costs $9 a glass.

The hotel is still operational as of September 2028.[2]

Murder of Mia Fey[]

Main article: Turnabout Sisters

In 2016, Mia Fey was murdered by Redd White. White, along with his secretary April May, had been staying at the hotel, and White instructed May to "witness" the murder from the hotel room. May did this and then called the police. Detective Gumshoe soon arrived on the scene and arrested Mia's younger sister Maya for the crime. Maya hired Mia's understudy, Phoenix Wright, to defend her in court.

Wright visited May's hotel room during his investigation into the murder, and met the bellboy there. He found a blue screwdriver in a drawer, but the bellboy refused to let him take it. (Incidentally, half a year later, Damon Gant asked Miles Edgeworth to transfer a similar blue screwdriver, which was involved in an incident labeled "AI-16". It is not made clear if it is the same screwdriver as the one from May's hotel room.)

Wright soon unraveled May's testimony and called a hotel bellboy to the stand in an attempt to find further fault with her testimony. Then, the bellboy let slip White's presence on the night of the murder, but could not confirm if he had been in the hotel room at the time of the murder. However, this was enough for the presiding judge to allow for further investigation. White took the stand the following day and accused Wright himself of the murder, but the rookie lawyer took up his own defense and broke through his lies. Once White was exposed, he broke down on the stand and confessed, clearing the names of both Maya and Wright.


After the trial, the hotel obtained a sudden surge of notoriety and fame; as such the building was quickly remodeled from a business-class hotel into a luxury-class one in the span of just a few months. This newfound popularity even allowed its owners, the Gatewater Group, to expand their chain of hotels, opening the even grander Gatewater Imperial Hotel at the center of the town, and eventually even a theme park, Gatewater Land.


  • Japanese - Bandō Hotel (板東ホテル)
  • English - Gatewater Hotel:



  • In the bad ending of the non-canon Apollo Justice: Asinine Attorney DLC episode for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice, it is mentioned that the income of the hotel across the street from the Wright Anything Agency dropped considerably due to the outcome of the trial. However, for some reason the hotel's name is given as the "Gateway Hotel", instead of the "Gatewater Hotel".
  • In the Japanese version, the name of the hotel in the first game is "板東ホテル", however it's spelled as "ホテル・バンドー" from the second game onwards.


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