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Gatewater Imperial Hotel
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Viola Hall
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Owned by Gatewater Group
Entrance Hotel Lobby
Enter from Wright & Co. Law Offices
Engarde Mansion living room
Criminal Affairs Department
Relevant cases Farewell, My Turnabout
Phoenix Wright
There is a giant building just outside the window. It's the Gatewater Hotel, a high-class, luxury hotel. Actually, the crime happened at the recently completed hotel in the center of town, the Gatewater Imperial Hotel. ...Just how far are they going to expand their empire...?

The Gatewater Imperial Hotel is a luxurious hotel in the center of Los Angeles. The 2018 Hero of Heroes Grand Prix was held at the hotel, with the murder of Juan Corrida occurring shortly after the award ceremony. Although it is usually referred to simply as the "Gatewater Hotel", it is distinct from the Gatewater Hotel located across from the Wright & Co. Law Offices, although both are owned by the Gatewater Group.


"Pleeeeease! Expand meeeeee!"
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