Gatewater Land
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Organization info
Organization type Theme park
Affiliated groups Gatewater Group
Police department
Notable dates March 13, 2019: Gatewater Land is used for the the exchange in the faked kidnapping of Lance Amano and Colin Devorae is murdered at the park
Status Still active
Area info
Gatewater Land main gateHaunted houseStadiumWild, Wild WestGatewater
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Owned by Gatewater Group
Entrance Gatewater Land main gate
Relevant cases The Kidnapped Turnabout

Gatewater Land is a large theme park owned by the Gatewater Group. The company dedicated this theme park to the Blue Badger, the police department mascot, in gratitude for the police department's role in solving various cases related to their properties. The theme park contains a haunted house to the south, a "Wild, Wild West" area to the north and a stadium to the west for concerts. Various artists have performed at the park, including the Gavinners, Troupe Gramarye and Max Galactica.


The Gatewater Group bought a plot of land some time between February 23 and October 11, 2018 for the purposes of building a theme park. The park was finished between January 7 and March 13, 2019. On March 13, the park was the location in which Miles Edgeworth was to make an exchange for Lance Amano, who had allegedly been kidnapped, and the park later became the scene of a murder. It was found that the kidnapping had been a fraud, and that Amano was the culprit of the murder.

The BadgersEdit

The park's main attraction is the Blue Badger Family, which put on several shows, are sold in a variety of souvenirs, and have a special contest in which anyone who manages to take a photo with all four badgers wins a prize. However, this contest is very difficult to win as the Bad Badger only appears during certain special events. This is somewhat reflected in wanted posters in the Wild, Wild West area putting a $9 million price on the Bad Badger's capture. Each badger other than the Bad Badger also has a "Badgermobile", a mobile souvenir shop selling law enforcement related items such as Innocence Drops and Guilty Jawbreakers.

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