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Kristoph Gavin.

Klavier Gavin Mugshot HD

Klavier Gavin.

Gavin is a family surname that may refer to:


  • "Gavin" was chosen to retain the double meaning (surname and name of his band) of Klavier's "G"-shaped necklace. It is also a medieval variant of "Gawain", the name of an Arthurian knight. It is probably of Celtic origin, coming from the Welsh words "gwalch" ("hawk") and "gwyn" ("white").
  • There is no official explanation for the surname "Garyū" (牙琉), but homophones include 我流 meaning "self-taught" (example 1, example 2), 牙龍 meaning "dragon's fang", 臥龍 meaning "unrecognized genius" or "reclining dragon" (example), and 臥竜 meaning "hidden dragon" (example 1, example 2).

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