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Gavin Law Offices
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Sinister Kristoph
Organization type Law firm
Leader Kristoph Gavin ( - Apr. 20, 2026)
Organizational structure Former employees:
Notable dates Apr. 20, 2026: Kristoph Gavin is arrested for the murder of "Shadi Smith", following the events of Phoenix Wright's trial for said murder.
Status Defunct

Gavin Law Offices was a law firm run by Kristoph Gavin, with Apollo Justice being the only other known employee. It was closed down after Gavin was convicted of murder.

Rise of Justice[]

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By 2026, Kristoph Gavin had established his law firm and hired Apollo Justice as his student. Phoenix Wright, a friend of Gavin's, visited the firm and saw Justice there, recognizing the bracelet that he was wearing. Wright realized that Justice was the long-lost son of Thalassa Gramarye, and he later met up with Zak Gramarye at the Borscht Bowl Club to tell him of this. The two then played a game of poker, a fateful game that would see Gavin end Zak's life and Wright accused of the murder. Realizing what Gavin had done after a brief phone call with him, Wright hired Justice as his defense attorney and slowly usurped the mentor role from Gavin as Justice began to put the pieces together and finally implicate Gavin as the real killer. Gavin Law Offices was consequently dissolved, and Justice was put out of a job until he joined the Wright Anything Agency two months later.

Known clients[]

Client Attorney Prosecutor Charge Trial Result
Phoenix Wright Apollo Justice Winston Payne Murder of "Shadi Smith" Apr. 20, 2026 Won