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Organization type Rock band
Leader Klavier Gavin
Affiliated groups Prosecutor's office
Criminal Affairs Department
Established 2019
Status Disbanded
Phoenix Wright
Their debut single was only 2 minutes and 15 seconds long? What a rip-off!

The Gavinners were a five-member all-male[1] rock band that formed in 2019. The lead singer and first guitarist was Prosecutor Klavier Gavin, and Detective Daryan Crescend was the second guitarist. An unnamed bassist, drummer and keyboard player were also in the band. All five members are or were employed in law enforcement. The Gavinners released over 12 albums and 15 live DVDs during their career.



The Gavinners stage at Gatewater Land.

The Gavinners' first hit single was "13 Years Hard Time For Love", which went platinum overnight. One of their earliest gigs was at Gatewater Land; their logo was seen on the back wall of the stage in the stadium area of the park, and the guitars on-stage were in their dressing room seven years later. After that, they continued to be very popular over the next five years, with albums usually going gold. Chains became a theme for the band after using them on the cover of their album "Gunna Lock U Up". For their five-year anniversary, a set of cruiser-themed instruments (guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and whistle) was made and sold.

In 2026, the Gavinners held a concert featuring a new song, "The Guitar's Serenade", performed by Lamiroir and accompanied by Machi Tobaye. During this concert, Crescend was involved in a smuggling incident in which he killed an Interpol agent. Due to testimony from Tobaye, Crescend was convicted for the murder. After the incident, Gavin swore never to play the song again, and broke up the band entirely three months later to focus on his law career, to the dismay of many fans. Nevertheless, the concert version of the song became a hit single, and Gavin would play the song a year later at Themis Legal Academy's annual school festival, with Juniper Woods providing vocals. Woods even designed her own costume in Lamiroir's likeness. The concert was postponed by three days along with the rest of the festival, however, due to the discovery of Professor Constance Courte's body.

Known band members[]

Partial discography[]

Year Single or album Japanese name[2] Artist
2019 "13 Years Hard Time For Love" (2:15 or 4:53[3]) (single)


"Imprisonment of Love - 13 Years"

2019-2026 "Love With No Chance Of Parole" (single)


"Love's Amnesty Exemption - Redemption Chapter"

2019-2026 "My Boyfriend Is The Prosecution's Witness" (single)


"My Boyfriend Is a Witness for the Prosecution"

2019-2026 "Gunna Lock U Up" (album)


"I'll Arrest You"

2025 "Atroquinine, My Love" (single)


"Love is Atroquinine"

2026 "Guilty Love" (single)


"Love Love Guilty"

2026 "The Guitar's Serenade" (single, concert version only)


"Serenade of the Loving Guitar"

Klavier Gavin (feat. Lamiroir and Machi Tobaye)


  • The name is a portmanteau of "Gavin" and "winner". The name may also have come from the German word "Gewinner" meaning "winner".
  • The Japanese name for the Gavinners is the "Garyuu Wave".

References to popular culture[]

  • There are a couple of references to the band The Police in Turnabout Serenade while investigating the Gavinners's dressing room. The first is provoked by examining the poster of the policeman in the room, which leads to Trucy Wright wondering if "Maybe they're trying to trick kids into thinking the police are some kind of band", which Apollo Justice responds to with "But that's just silly. Who'd name a band the "police"?" The seconds reference is triggered by examining the red light in the room, which causes Wright to state "It'd be cooler if they turned that red light on" and Justice to respond with "...They don't have to turn on the red light"; Justice's line being a reference to the second line of The Police song "Roxanne" (i.e., "You don't have to put on the red light").
  • The stylised "G" that is the band logo of the Gavinners bears a striking resemblance to that of the 80's rock band Giuffria.


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