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Geiru Toneido
Just call me Geiru, sweetie! One, two... BLOOOON!

Geiru Toneido was a balloon artist and rakugo performer who was a witness in the murder of her rakugo master, Taifu Toneido.

Rakugo and balloon artEdit

Geiru was born to a famous rakugo artist who, until his death, had been the best the Toneido School had to offer, and thus was given the title of "Uendo Toneido". Hoping to follow in her father's footsteps, she became one of Taifu Toneido's rakugo students alongside a childhood friend of hers. However, it soon became apparent to Taifu that she lacked her father's talent for the art, and so he instead recommended that she become a balloon artist. Despite disliking the work and showing little prowess in that either, Geiru persevered under the belief that Taifu would eventually pass on her father's performer name to her for her dedication, but this hope was soon crushed when Taifu instead awarded the title to her childhood friend, despite him being her junior, as his dissociative identity disorder greatly aided him in the art of rakugo, making him the new Uendo Toneido. This action caused Geiru to deeply resent Taifu.

Revenge plotEdit

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Udon, soba, and murderEdit


Suffocating Taifu Toneido.

Upset and angered at being passed over for her father's title, Geiru decided to take revenge on the day of Uendo's naming ceremony at Kurukuru Tei, the group's theater. Following her own performance, Geiru paid a courtesy call to Taifu's room and found her master and Uendo (who had regressed to his Owen personality after accidentally ingesting sake) in the room. Spotting soba noodle-making equipment that Taifu had obtained from Bucky Whet, Geiru assumed her master was making buckwheat soba to taunt her; she had a serious allergy to buckwheat and would break out in rashes if she came into contact with even a small amount, with too much exposure potentially sending her into seizures or even death.


Feeding the udon balls to Jugemu.

In a blind rage, without knowing what the uncut dough on the table was, Geiru grabbed it and began suffocating Taifu with it on the floor, but not before her master managed to retaliate by cutting her forehead with the noodle-cutting knife, causing her to bleed onto the dough. Surprisingly, it turned out that the dough was not soba at all, but udon, and thus did not trigger her allergy. Geiru then proceeded to manipulate the crime scene by cooking up some prepared soba noodles Taifu had left in his refrigerator, which left an allergic reaction on her left arm after she accidentally touched it. She then set up Taifu's body to make it look like he had been drowned face-first in a bowl of soba noodles and rearranged his karuta cards to implicate Owen. Finally, she made the bloodied udon dough into dumplings and fed them to her pet dog, Jugemu, which Simon Blackquill, a friend of the Toneido School, witnessed. However, the sheer quantity of dumplings meant that Jugemu could not finish the meal, leaving the dog to bury the leftovers in the yard. Although she had intended to frame Owen/Uendo for the murder, Bucky Whet, head chef of the Whet Noodle and the man who had delivered the noodle-making equipment to Taifu, was arrested instead.

Balloons in courtEdit


The real Geiru Toneido.

The next day, Geiru appeared in court to testify, using her balloon artist attire to cover up the allergic reaction on her hand and her forehead knife wound. Although she initially acted in a deliberately cutesy manner to seem harmless, she dropped the act after realizing she was becoming the prime suspect and instead became far more cunning, serious, and spiteful. However, once Whet's defense attorney Athena Cykes proved how she had disposed of the dough used to murder Taifu, Geiru broke down in defeat.

Removing her wig, Geiru admitted to the deed, confessing that inheriting her father's name was her sole reason for living, and being denied that had driven her to drastic measures. Cykes told her that she had spent too much time worrying about inheriting her father's name instead of what really mattered: inheriting his heart.

After Whet's acquittal, it was revealed that the reason Taifu had been making udon noodles was for her, as a show of support that she should move on from rakugo in order to decide her own path in life and not to feel pressured by her father's legacy. Cykes subsequently asked Whet that a bowl of udon be delivered to Geiru on behalf of her late master.


Geiru Toneido
Never show sadness! Smile, smile, smile! With a twisty, twist, twiiist!


In her balloon artist persona, Geiru assumed many ditzy and cutesy mannerisms, as well as making frequent and varying balloon-themed puns. One of her quirks was to pull the suspenders on her dress and release them, causing the balloons underneath to wobble as if she had a well-endowed chest.

However, she quickly switched to a more abrasive personality when she was cornered, even speaking in a rougher accent that persisted as she broke down, as well as waving around a balloon "sword" that she threatened to "cut" Athena Cykes with. As indicated by Taifu, Cykes, and Whet, much of her motivation lay in succeeding her father's legacy.


  • Her names in both Japanese and English follow a wind-theme:
  • Her Japanese surname "Senpūtei" (旋風亭) comes from "senpū" (旋風), meaning "hurricane", while "tei" typically forms part of a rakugo performer's title.
  • Her Japanese given name "Pūko" (風子) comes from "fū (pū)", which is the on'yomi of the character meaning "wind".
  • "Geiru", her English given name, is a play on "gale".
  • Her English surname "Toneido" is a play on "tornado".
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