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Genshin Asōgi
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Genshin Asōgi
"Kazuma. The truth lies in the darkness, and the only thing that can banish the darkness is "Karuma". All you must do is think. Simply twist the head of the famous sword in your hand."

Genshin Asōgi was a Japanese exchange student along with Yūjin Mikotoba and Seishirou Jigoku ten years before Ryūnosuke Naruhodō's arrival in London.

A Duel to the Death[edit | edit source]

Main article: Professor Killings

Japanese Genshin Asōgi was studying abroad in London with Yūjin Mikotoba and Seishirou Jigoku, aiming to become a detective. During his stay, he became good friends with the van Zieks family. However, he found out that his friend, Chief Prosecutor Klimt van Zieks, was killing nobles using his dog under the name "The Professor". Chief Justice Hart Vortex refused to investigate as the only evidence Genshin had was that Klimt owned a large dog. Unknown to Genshin, Vortex was actually forcing Klimt to keep killing people. Genshin eventually approached Klimt in his mansion so they could duel to the death. Before this, Klimt wrote a will confessing his sins.

Hiding from thugs with Barok.

Vortex didn't want the people to know a fellow British man was responsible for the killings, so he pinned the blame on Genshin Asōgi treating Klimt as the last victim of the Professor despite the fact that he wasn't killed by a dog like the other victims. When Genshin met up with Barok after killing Klimt, they were attacked by Tobias Gregson and a gang of thugs gathered. Although he was able to hold them off, they managed to steal his trademark ring. John Watson kept his assistants, Yūjin Mikotoba and Courtney Simon, busy while he pretended to find the ring in Klimt's stomach during the dissection. This led to false evidence of Klimt swallowing it during his death when Genshin killed him.

A Fatal Deal[edit | edit source]

Genshin Asōgi was Japanese and his country and England were in the middle of negotiating an alliance treaty, so he was forced to wear a metal mask in his top secret trial to keep his identity hidden. Before he was transported to Berkly Prison, Vortex ordered him to write a will, which was later given to Harry Barricade. Realizing that he still has Klimt's will exposing his role in the killings, Vortex made a deal with him: if Genshin took the blame for the serial killings, his execution would be faked, and he would be buried alive. Subsequently, Vortex and Seishirou Jigoku would unearth him, and he could go home to his son. Reluctantly, Genshin agreed. Genshin hid Klimt's will in the hilt of his sword, Karuma, hoping that it could one day be found and reveal the truth. Afterwards, Genshin was quickly found guilty of the murders by Barok and was sentenced to death. The coroner who examined his body, Courtney Simon, declared him dead via hanging, and Barricade kept the prison warden, Everyday Mittlemont, busy so he was buried alive.

Genshin Asōgi's Will
Pg. 1
亜双義一真に送られたし (I, Genshin Asōgi, hereby request that all items I obtained in London, as well as all of my other belongings been sent to my son, Kazuma Asōgi, in the great Japanese empire.)
Pg. 2
我が道に後悔の文字はなし。 (Though it fills me with sorrow to lose my life in this distant foreign land without meeting my family again, I have no word of regret about the path I have chosen.)
Pg. 3
ただ、頭をひねるべし (Kazuma. The truth lies in the darkness, and the only thing that can banish the darkness is "Karuma". All you must do is think. Simply twist the head of the famous sword in your hand.)

Betrayal and Murder[edit | edit source]

"Rising" from his grave.

It was there that Hart Vortex went with Jigoku to get Genshin. He managed get dug up in before the air in the coffin ran out, only to find that a grave robber was responsible and had seen what appeared to be the serial killer rising from his grave. Vortex realized that the robber will tell people that the Professor's death was faked so his plan was ruined. He ordered Jigoku to kill Genshin to keep him dead for real. Jigoku argued about the promise but reluctantly obliged and murdered Genshin causing the blood-covered robber to run away in terror. Vortex and Jigoku then reburied the body and went on their ways.

French sculptor Connette Rozaic was waiting in the cemetery the night as well to get Genshin's face for her wax museum. She dug up the body but had trouble with his jaw. That was when she realized that he was buried alive. Hart Vortex allowed a sculpture of Genshin as long as Rozaic never took off the metal mask nor told anyone about this.

Resolution[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Resolve of Naruhodō Ryūnosuke

Name[edit | edit source]

  • Shares the character “truth” (真) with his son. The character gen (玄) can mean “dark”, or “unclear”, so perhaps his name points to the “unclear truth”, as opposed to Kazuma’s “one truth”.
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