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Dick Gumshoe
That country's got a lot of stuff and is a great place to develop a person's talents.

Germany is a country in Europe.

Notable people[]

Prior to his attendance at the Great Exhibition held in London at the turn of the 20th century, Albert Harebrayne spent two decades studying in Germany; Harebrayne's name tag for the Great Exhibition was a tricolour of black, white and red, the colors of the German Empire's flag. After being accused and subsequently cleared of the murder of Odie Asman, Harebrayne returned to Germany.

It is from Germany that some of the fiercest adversaries that Phoenix Wright faced during his law career received at least some of their legal training. Franziska von Karma was born, raised and studied law in Germany, coming to the United States to visit her father and his student in 2012, and work in 2017. Klavier Gavin has also studied in Germany, and likes using German phrases in his speech.

Society & culture[]

Aside from the two aforementioned families, not much is known about Germany during Wright's time, aside from Dick Gumshoe's helpful comments that it had "a lot of stuff" and was "a great place to develop a person's talents". Whilst Wright and Gumshoe were discussing Franziska, the defense attorney admitted that he didn't hear much about the country, which is why he was unaware of the young prosecutor's fame in her homeland. Franziska starting her law career at the age of 13 and Klavier starting his career at 17, mark Germany as a very progressive country, making it possible for prosecutors to start their careers at a very young age.

Version differences[]

  • In the original Japanese version of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, only Mei (Franziska) is stated to have been to America, and neither her name nor her father's gives any indication that they are foreigners. Instead, in The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve, it is heavily implied that they are descendants of a disciple of the Asogi clan's school of swordsmanship.
  • Klavier Gavin's given name is changed to "Kantilen" in the German version. This is likely due to "klavier" being the German word for "piano". "Kantilen" may be a play on "cantilena", a vocal melody or instrumental passage in a smooth and lyrical style.

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