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Gina Lestrade was a detective-in-training studying under Tobias Gregson near the end of the Victorian Era. Prior to Gregson taking her under his wing, she was an orphaned teen living in London's slums utilizing her pickpocketing skills to get by. After serving as a witness during one of Ryunosuke Naruhodo's trials, she became acquainted with him and his assistant, along with Iris Wilson and Herlock Sholmes. She would later promise to help Iris find her blood father, aiming to use her position as a detective to find him.

An unwilling accomplice[]

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One cold night on a February, Gina Lestrade infiltrated an omnibus, looking for some items to steal and pawn off, after she had just stolen a smoke grenade launcher from Iris Wilson. Unbeknownst to her, the omnibus was the backdrop of a meeting of Magnus McGilded and "Thrice-Fired" Mason Milverton over a music box disc that had important information embedded on it. Lestrade had hid under the seat that had many items in it and her vision was obscured by blackness. Lestrade did not clearly hear what Milverton and McGilded were talking about before she had heard a loud thud, which was the sound of Milverton's body falling over. There, she was found by McGilded because she had a let out a scream as soon as the thud happened.

Being given instructions by McGilded.

Lestrade was then dragged out and she was sat next to Milverton's corpse, with blood getting on her hands at some point. McGilded then offered to let her go that night, but not without a price: she could not tell the police or anyone else what she had seen or heard of and secondly, Lestrade had to take the deposit receipt from the pawn shop of the coat she saw McGilded give to the coachman and keep that receipt with her two months from that day and in the event that he could do not do this, Lestrade would have to go to the pawn shop and extend the deposit time because if this was not done, it would be sold off as unwanted merchandise. If she did not comply with his orders, then that would result in him having her and the other orphaned children chased out of the East End. Before his trial, McGilded then had Lestrade forge her testimony.

In the middle of the trial, Lestrade set off a smoke bomb that helped McGilded put Milverton's blood on the skylight. This would cast false suspicion towards the top-floor passengers, Bruce Fairplay and Lay D. Furst. Lestrade first appeared saying McGilded took the fall for her, causing two jurors to vote the final not guilty votes. But prosecutor Barok van Zieks stopped the jurors and revealed that the omnibus was fabricated with false evidence. Lestrade lied, saying she removed the items in the compartment and all she heard was McGilded's snoring. The jury decided that Lestrade was an unreliable witness until the defense, Ryunosuke Naruhodo, said the testimony offered a new possibility. Despite the protests and obvious fabrication of evidence, McGilded got acquitted as there was no evidence to prove that the bloodstain on the skylight was there at the scene of the crime.

Afterwards, Lestrade appeared with McGilded. After the businessman left, she pointed her smoke launcher at Naruhodo. Suddenly Iris arrived and pulled out a larger smoke launcher, demanding Lestrade to come to her lab.

Accused of murder[]

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Two months after McGilded's trial and death, Lestrade went to the pawn shop to retrieve the disc. The owner, Pop Windibank, gave her the coat with the disc in it, but Mason Milverton's son Ashley Graydon, under the alias of "Eggert Benedict", claimed that the coat and disc were his. Lestrade refused to hand them over until "Benedict" recited the password to the items. But when he claimed there was another item that Lestrade was hiding, she attacked him, grabbed the disc and tossed it to Naruhodo. After a dance of deduction, and the timely arrival of Inspector Tobias Gregson, Lestrade got the black coat, but not the discs.

Unconscious on the pawnbrokery's storage room.

Afterwards, Herlock Sholmes invited Lestrade over for tea, to which she begrudgingly accepted, and even proceeded to teach Naruhodo, Iris, and Susato Mikotoba her pickpocketing techniques. Later that night, Lestrade let slip her distrust of Sholmes, believing that an unpublished story Iris wrote, "The Hound of The Baskervilles", was not in Windibank's vault as he claimed. Deciding to see for herself, Lestrade slipped out of Sholmes's suite while no one was looking and begrudgingly threatened Windibank with his own gun to check if the manuscript was there. Windibank agreed to the request and guided her to his storage room, revealing that Sholmes had indeed kept his word. However, as they were leaving, another burglary occurred, prompting Windibank to confront the second group of intruders, instructing Lestrade to stay put in the storage room. The resulting confrontation left Windibank dead, and Lestrade fell unconscious soon afterward. As Lestrade appeared to be the only other person in the storage room with Windibank, she was arrested for his murder.

Still beridden with guilt over what had unfolded in McGilded's trial and fearing her compulsive lies would deem her unfit for society, Lestrade turned down request after request to represent her in court. She was even intent on turning down Naruhodo's request, but Naruhodo, Susato, and Iris investigated the case anyways and reported their findings to Lestrade. Lestrade initially remained extremely reluctant to let Naruhodo defend her, especially after Iris's chemical reagent proved that McGilded had indeed betrayed Naruhodo's trust in him. However, Naruhodo remained insistent, stating that the previous trial had also caused him to reconsider what trust really meant to him. After some additional heartfelt conversing, Lestrade eventually relented and let Naruhodo represent her.

Naruhodo, with the help of Iris, eventually not only exposed the truth behind the crime, but also behind McGilded's lies in the trial two months prior. Though Lestrade had to face additional charges for her own criminal activities, she nonetheless thanked Naruhodo for believing in her to the very end. She then left to be escorted to her cell as Naruhodo left to see off Susato on her voyage back to Japan.


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After finishing her prison sentence, Lestrade became a detective-in-training under Gregson's guidance for the purpose of rehabilitation and to someday find Iris' father. She also adopted a homeless dog that she named Toby. Six months following her trial, Lestrade followed Gregson as they investigated the murder of Odie Asman, who died during Albert Harebrayne's experiment, where she reunited with Naruhodo and Iris, and later Mikotoba. Because she saw the crime from a hot air balloon, she was later called by van Zieks to testify in court.

When the end of Harebrayne's first trial session revealed that his funding source, Enoch Drebber, had some major involvement in the crime, Lestrade assisted Naruhodo and Mikotoba by having Toby sniff an oil stain on Drebber's business card, thus exposing the location of his hideout. She then investigated Drebber's hideout alongside Naruhodo, Mikotoba, Sholmes, and Gregson, which culminated in Drebber being found hidden inside his own safe.


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Initially Lestrade did not trust any adults due to living in the alleyways, and she only considered the fellow urchins as her family. However, after being a witness to one murder and then accused in another, then subsequently taken under Gregson's wing, she began to better understand the middle- and upper-class and their own struggles. Despite being just a detective-in-training, she was proud of her title, going so far as to show off her makeshift badge to Naruhodo and Iris. Lestrade also respected her superiors and even lamented Gregson's death, showing her growing maturity.

Lestrade believes in God, whom she called "'Im upstairs", and has stated a belief in divine retribution and protection.