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He was just a regular Joe working for a small-time computer firm.

Glen Elg was a skilled computer programmer working for Blue Screens, Inc. He was killed following problems with repayment arrangements he had with a loan shark.


Elg had a big gambling problem that led him to borrow $50,000 from loan shark Furio Tigre at Tender Lender. Due to the exceedingly large interest rates at Tender Lender, the debt soon ballooned to $100,000. Elg agreed to meet Tigre on Dec. 3, 2018 at Trés Bien, and to program a powerful computer virus to use as collateral. However, Tigre had a debt of his own that amounted to $1 million. He counted on Elg to be unable to pay his debt and give him the virus, which would fetch several million dollars on the black market.


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Moments before his death.

At the meeting, Elg ordered some coffee then miraculously won $500,000 in a lottery, which meant that there was no legitimate reason for the virus he brought to be given over. Desperate for the virus to pay off his own debts, Tigre sprinkled some Potassium Cyanide in his coffee, which killed Glen Elg when he drank it. Then Tigre set up a fake murder later that was almost identical to the real one in order to manipulate the crime scene. Then, posing as the famous defense attorney Phoenix Wright, he offered to defend suspect Maggey Byrde in court and intentionally put up what has frequently been reported as one of the worst defenses seen in years.

One month later, the real Wright found out about his imposter and appealed the case. He put up a far better defense and eventually managed to prove that Tigre was the real killer.


  • Like everyone else at Blue Screens, Inc., Glen Elg's name is a palindrome in all languages. More specifically, the Japanese name is a palindrome when spelled out in kana (おかたかお).
  • Glenelg is also a place name in various parts of the world, with the name itself usually coming from either Charles Grant, 1st Baron Glenelg or the Scottish village with the same name.
  • His French name may also be a reference to RAM (random-access memory), in addition to being a palindrome.