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Godoor spell

The section on Godoor in the Grand Grimoire.

Godoor is listed in the Grand Grimoire as one of the possible spells usable by witches in Labyrinthia. It is described as a portal spell that allows the caster to create a portal on two sides of green-colored walls, with the portal disappearing after five minutes.

It was supposedly used by Jean Greyerl in order to manipulate a crime scene at the former home of Newton Belduke.


  • Its English name is a combination of "go" and "door", as well as sounding phonetically similar to "Goldor", which was used to create confusion as to which spell was used during Jean Greyerl's trial.
  • "Portis", its name in the French localization, comes from "porte", meaning "door".
  • Its name in the German version is "Goltor", which may be a play on the English word "go" and the German word "tor" (gate).
  • In the Spanish version, the spell is called "Portale", which comes from the word "portal". Unlike the other language versions, the name for this spell is phonetically different to the localized name for Goldor, which is "Deauro".
  • Its Italian name, "Forus", comes from the Italian word "foro", meaning "hole".
  • Its name in the Dutch version is "Portalaura", which likely comes from "porta", which means "door" in a number of languages, including Italian and Portuguese.

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