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Goldor spell

The section on Goldor in the Grand Grimoire.

Goldor is listed in the Grand Grimoire as one of the possible spells usable by witches in Labyrinthia. It is described as a transmutation spell that causes the nearest target within the caster's range to turn into solid gold.

The spell was invoked by Jean Greyerl as a child to accidentally turn Margaret the goat into gold. The incident was a highly traumatic experience for her, causing her to attempt to take her own life by drowning herself. Fortunately, she was rescued by Newton Belduke before she could succeed. Years later, the spell was used by the Great Witch to turn Hershel Layton into a gold statue, with Maya Fey being framed for the crime.

In reality, the "spell" simply consists of the Shades removing the target and replacing it with a solid gold statue.


  • Its English name comes from the word "gold".
  • "Auris", its name in the French localization, comes from the Latin for "gold" (aurum).
  • In the Italian version the spell is called "Dorus", which comes from the Italian "dorato", meaning "golden".
  • In the Dutch version the spell is called "Portalaurum", which comes from the Latin "portal aurum" meaning "I wear gold".
  • In the Spanish version the spell is called "Deauro", which comes from "de oro", meaning "(made) of gold". The -aur- part is taken from the Latin word for "gold", "aurum".

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