Goldy Gerwitz
Oh! There's my widdle baby! I looked all over for you, you naughty little pup.

Goldy Gerwitz was a customer at Lordly Tailor who claimed to be the owner of a lost dog named Napalm.

Missing dog

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While shopping at Lordly Tailor around 2004, Goldy Gerwitz heard a radio report of a lost Pomeranian named Napalm in the store, with a $5,000 reward for finding her. Gerwitz found the dog together with Miles Edgeworth, who was looking for his own runaway dog, Missile. Wanting to keep the reward money for herself, Gerwitz pretended to be Napalm's owner and tried persuading Edgeworth to give her the dog. When Edgeworth demanded proof of her ownership, suspicious of Napalm's resistance to Gerwitz's aggressive attitude, Gerwitz described the distinct heart-shaped spot on the dog's belly, exactly as she heard in the radio broadcast. Unable to refute the claim, Edgeworth reluctantly handed Napalm over to her.

In her excitement over the reward, Gerwitz began singing the Signal Samurai theme song to herself, since it had gotten stuck in her head when it played on the radio as a request from Phoenix Wright for Edgeworth immediately after the missing dog report. Having heard the same broadcast, and questioning how she would know the theme of a children's program that had been off the air for three years, Edgeworth saw through Gerwitz's lies and reminded her that as Napalm's so-called owner, she owed him $5,000 for finding Napalm. Backed into a corner, Gerwitz unleashed her true, bullish personality and demanded the dog upfront, only to be confronted by Manfred von Karma and his daughter, Franziska, who overheard their entire conversation and threatened to take the case to court, causing her to run away in fear.

Following the encounter, Edgeworth decided to return Napalm and donate the reward money to the local animal shelter, while Manfred was impressed by Edgeworth's prosecutorial skill in exposing Gerwitz and took him on as his protege.


Goldy Gerwitz
You don't get to tell a woman like me what to do! Hand over that mutt and scram, kid!

Goldy Gerwitz was a self-centered and bullheaded woman who was motivated solely by monetary gain. While capable of putting up a polite facade in public, flickers of her true personality would occasionally slip through, making her come across as suspicious. When her deception failed against Miles Edgeworth, she was willing to resort to aggression against him to get her way, despite him being approximately twelve years old at the time. She was also rather immature, crying and apologizing like a child when frightened by Manfred von Karma.


  • Her Japanese surname, "Jōrōsu" (城楼須), is a portmanteau of the words "jōrō" (上臈) and "rōsu" (ロース), which mean "noblewoman" and "sirloin", respectively, while her given name comes from the word "harami" (腹身), meaning "skirt steak". On their own, the first two kanji of her surname mean "castle watchtower".
  • Her full name is derived from "gold digger", a person who cultivates personal relationships to attain wealth, which alludes to her greedy and underhanded nature.
  • Her French name is a reversal of "Vacherin Clarine", a brand of cheese made from cow's milk.
  • Her Spanish given name, "Brisket", is a meat cut from the chest of an animal, typically a cow. Her surname, "Jaorosu", might come from "chin-jao rosu", a Chinese beef dish.
  • Her Italian surname, "Plump", means "fat" or "chubby".


  1. Von Karma: Would you like to present your case again? In court this time?
    Goldy: No! I won't go back to prison!
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