Bruce Goodman's ID was a piece of evidence in Phoenix Wright's investigation into Goodman's murder.

Goodman's murder[edit | edit source]

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Wright found the ID card in a wallet on the scene. He later showed it to Dick Gumshoe, who revealed that Goodman was the victim. During the trial, Damon Gant mentioned that the victim of an incident at the police department, which Officer Mike Meekins had just been arrested for, had the ID# 5842189. This happened to be Goodman's ID number, despite the fact that Lana Skye had stabbed Goodman at the Underground parking lot.

While investigating after what happened at the trial, Wright asked Officer Mike Meekins about the ID card. According to Meekins, he had spotted Detective Goodman in the evidence room and asked him to show his ID card. However, Goodman had instead pointed a knife at Meekins, causing the latter to panic and attack him. Later, Wright asked Jake Marshall where he had been at the time of the altercation in the evidence room. Marshall gave an alibi, and gave Wright the ID Card Record to show that he had not entered the evidence room.

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