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Wilhelm Gottsreich Sigismond Ormstein or Gotts was a Bohemian boy who was visiting the Great Exhibition in London. He witnessed Albert Harebrayne's experiment and was a witness during his trial.


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Wilhelm Gottsreich Sigismond Ormstein, Gotts for short, was descended from the royalty of Bohemia. He was part of a prep school that came to London for a sightseeing trip, his teacher once told him people must do call each other by their full names when they first meet. The trip was in the middle of the Great Exhibition so Gotts put a mask on his cute face so he could go see it.

The photograph he took

Gotts got to ride on one of the hot air balloons, constantly taking pictures with his camera. While in the balloon, he watch Albert Harebrayne's demonstration on his new teleportation invention. But when he tested on his volunteer, the machine exploded. Then the air next to a green balloon somehow exploded and Gotts took a picture of it.

Gotts was then summoned as witness to Harebrayne's trial. It was there he decides to removes his mask. Balthazar Lune, who was in charge of the balloons, is also a witness. So Gotts constantly gives him some money, which he has plenty of, so he can have one of the balloons he's carrying. He's pretty upset that people don't believe he saw that green balloon. When the judge of the trial says that a photograph is an example of proof, Gotts remembers the photo he took and submits it as evidence.



Gotts is a bit of a whiny brat. He complains a lot when he doesn't get his way. He would often try and use his status as royalty of a British ally nation to get out of issues with his testimony while in court, and would proclaim that any affront to him was tantamount to proclaiming war on Bohemia.

Gotts likes balloons, and would constantly keep buying them during the trial as a means of "restoring diplomatic relations", when he was getting upset.